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You have trouble in using oil paints in your hand there is a solution for you, Do you have kiddish mind and big creativity skills this application is specially for, make your images very interesting one by editing them using windows 8 this app is specially designed for creative minds using windows 8.

Feel the paint in your hand , this application make amazing fact with your fingers. Your fingers feel like touching real paint and painting them in a chart (CANVAS). Improve your painting skills in most realistic manner.  You can create your own masterpiece in fresh paint without touching real paint in your hands. This app make amazing in bringing  more creative images with realistic one, all windows 8 users never miss this app to use. Bring your creative kid outside make really amazing images with  FRESH PAINT Application .

CNN Money David Goldman Said: “Windows 8’s coolest app: Fresh Paint”

# The OIL PAINT feature in FRESH PAINT works like an oil real paint in your canvas sheet , the result gives as more realistic images than compared to  original one. There are many features in fresh paint we can see them below  before that If you are windows 8 user download this Amazing app for your windows >> FRESH PAINT APP IN WINDOWS STORE.


# Import photos from your local system convert them into oil paint canvas sheets with list of sheets appear in them , choose the brush and canvas sheet draw a art  and DRY CANVAS SHEET , share with your friends in social media. Mix colors in a board  make your creative color paint on it. This app gives the real feel of drawing with oil colors in a canvas sheet, blend and mix with colors and choose the color you want in your canvas sheet.

# Basically there are 7 packages to be colored and improve the skills to your kids, the packages like FINDING NEMO, FUN PACK , CREATIVE PACK, CRAFT PACK, VARIETY PACK, ADVENTURE PACK AND FRIENDS PACK available with number of pictures to purchased and use them in your FRESH PAINT to improve more creative skills for your kids.

fresh paint for windows 8.1 - NEVER MISS TO DOWNLOAD THIS TO YOUR WINDOWS

# DRY buttons in FRESH PAINT used to dry paints instantly in your canvas sheet and to proceed next step by choosing another color by dipping paints in water bucket to clean them and choose another. Different shades are chosen before drying and after drying paints in your canvas sheet.

# Painting in fresh paint app is like painting in a natural way without getting rid of paints in your hands , the another options can be used mouse or styles to use this application. Sharing of pictures made easy with just dragging picture to the right bottom corner of the app by tabbing share button. DOWNLOAD THIS APP FORM WINDOWS STORE  and more guidance for using FRESH PAINT EFFECTIVELY in your windows . Download upgrade version for windows8.1 know more about this >> FRESH PAINT APPLICATION FOR WINDOWS 8.1 . This post look color full because of  its title used in them.

installing fresh app snapshot in windows 8 computer

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