When we are in a big crowd or some area, there is a chance to miss your wallet, keys and so on. Some technology destructs those lost. This technology working by some principles. A small device is affixing with your favorite or valuable items. That the small device help us to locate the item or thing. A small device is like a magnet, it just attached with a thing whichever important to you like keys, handbag and so on and also you can register the application with the Bluetooth of your phone. If you open the app, You can receive the thing currently where it was and et the info about the last known place of the item.


Here we can find the different ways to find the item and track the items and form the factors of the device Which is easier way to detect or make the decision.


1.     Wallet TrackR:

wallet-trackr-never loose your wallet this gadget will help you so much

Wallet TrackR is a device that is to be attached to your keys, bags and so on. It has the user replaceable battery which lasts upto 2 to 3 years of experience. Objects can only found at the range up to hundred feet But it is the only device for supporting two-way tracking. So that, if you are able to understand that where your mobile are. You can find your keys with the help of the TrackR but you do not know where you kept your mobile phone.

Then, It will help you find your  phone by ringing the mobile. Whenever your mobile is out of range it will give a beep sound. If you haven’t the setup, the app will record the map of the last occurrence of the object. It supports the phone like iOS and Android which has a Bluetooth 4.0 and it costs for each TracR $29.95. You can buy in this website.

2.     StickNFind:


StickNFind is an very small sticker which has the Bluetooth facility. You may stick with the other devices, persons and so on. And you can find with the help of the smart phones. With help of the StickNFinder to Change the ringtones or put it in a silent mode. Free API of this app will be released in march 2014. That API will support the iOS, Android and MAC OS X.  It may also support for windows 8 also. It is also having the radar screen display for all this app. It is also having the Bluetooth 4.0 for smart phones. It costs around $49.99 for each two stickers. You can buy this from this link 

3.     LOCCA:

Locca-Mini.on dog jpg

All other previous app needs the mobile to find the items. Locca can track the items without the help of your smart phones. There are two versions of the Locca.

  1. LoccaMini- Tracking objects(bikes, handbags…)- 7 days of battery
  2. LoccaaPhone-Tracking (child and cars…)- 40 days of battery

If anyone stole your item attached with the device, you can easily find how far away from your current step and to fid exactly where it is with the help of the sensor. It is a two-way communication so children can easily located and can contact their parents immediately by make the use of call button. It costs will be $13.50 for locca mini to use one month and $20.30 for LoccaPhone per month. You can buy this from (link)

4.     Guardian:

guardian for your children

Guardian is like really a good guardian for your children, because it is directly target the parents who really want track their children. It is not a tracking device and locate the objects. It may be a wearable device like wrist band or  belt. That is worn by  the child.

When compared with others it has Bluetooth low energy , When all are in the family members are goes out , they easily find out them with the help of the 260 feet map. The survey told that 8,00,000 children was left their family every year. It will help the one who don’t have the children and against the kidnapping around the whole world. Guardian is available for $24.95 for each one.

You can buy from link1 or link2

5.     Tile:

tile for windows

Tile looks like very small and seek. You can attach a small stick your tile into a item which one you are going to protect them. First Location based tracker that appeared on the kickstarter on this tile. It is a square tracker that may be stuck to objects or it can be affixed with the keying. It has a own characteristics and features. It is normally used to track within the 150 feet. Tiles easily talk to one another , So that the whole world will help you to find the one What you have lost.

tile device for your need

The Tile app will show something about the last location that is shown by your map with the help of the radar screen. It is very unique to find the device. Tiles working with only iOS which is not support for the other platforms like Android and so.  Advantage of this app is battery is replaceable. Tile app is available for cost $19.95,You can buy this app from this link.

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