Google Search are happening about 40,000 search queries per second math it for a day! You like to be in one among it? Get Instant search results in your Mail (Gmail and Business mail) any time any where you are.

Example: If you are interested in Apple products and you need to know the uptrend in  Apple products, launch, Updates, Tips and Tricks and Reviews over Internet. Get All the updates about these instantly in your mil box instead of google search.  The concept is not to avoid google search is to increase smartness in using google tools (Google Alerts).

Google Alerts, brings your interest field into your mail box rather google search. Here are the steps to get Google Alerts into your mail box.

Step 1: Launch Google Alerts

Step 2: Type your interest fields into the “create an alert about…” section [ex: Apple, Microsoft, Startups, Entrepreneur, Skilling, Adsense, Google, Your Business Name, Coupon codes, offers] and other examples about Google Alerts terms

Step 3: Choose the mail id, to get drop your search vanity to your mail.

Step 4: Before hitting the button “Create Alert” click Show options to get better results.

  • How often: Choose how instant you want it may be as it happens, once in a day / week.
  • Source: Choose the type of source you want from only blog, news feed, web search, videos, books,                                                   Discussion(comments, forums, review) – This will help in filtering the results.
  • Language: Choose the language type you want results in.
  • Region: Choose the location you want (Domestic level or Global Level) news
  • How many: This is based on domain authority (showing content can be showing best results / show all results)
  • Deliver to: This is very interesting thing to get in with. The deliverable will be RSS feeds are into your mail box.

google alerts - tip and tricks

As stated above the Screenshot shows the Detailed Google Alerts settings to get instant results to your mail box of your interest.  This method also helps to see, who is talking about over the web. To know who is talking about you keep in the name of you or the organisation/ company to know – what is going about you over the web instantly.

Ex: Get complete updates about Narendra Modi Ji over the web instead search on Google search results.

Narendra modi in google alerts

Hope this tip could have helped you in using Google alerts in a better way. Stay tunes with next post regarding five creative uses of Google Alerts.

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