Get kidneys from your mobile application – Need kidney ???

Katharine Wolf: Social Challenge Advisor

 We order pizza , burger through online  now its a chance to hold a kidney from the transplantation center it is made possible by ORGAN JET  Application creator , its sounds loud to get the KIDNEY’S from the near by area ( transplantation center )

ORGAN JET application producer  announces the press release yesterday that  make use of  online tool to find of  kidney transplantation center near by your home  . with closes waiting time with shortest route by giving your  zip code to the application.


OrganJet CEO  ” Sridhar Tayur “  says that,  every year according to the statistics 500 to 2500 kidney wasted every year meant by not using it   ,  simultaneously  there are 5000 people leaving their life every year by not getting kidneys for them because there is no contact between transplantation center  and the patients . They hope that communication may increase them these two parties with the help of this application been created by them.

need kidney there is a tool for that

Organ jet application made available in service tab in their official website the world map made available in them – the centers made shown by entering the zip code the pin points made available   in maps to show the location of the transplantation center near our home with the quick  contact details .

oran jet provides end-to end sevices incluidn the shortest path for the kindney tranplantation center near by our hime

There are many online applications to access our needs to order pizzas and burgers but  the grateful applications like Organ jet helps to save  hundreds  of  life’s.

organ jet transplantation tool  -  nedd kidney there is a toll for it

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