How to Get Sponsor Button for YouTube Channel?

How to Get Sponsor Button for YouTube Channel? Recently, there are tons of updates from Youtube side including video customization and editing, monetization, Sharing option, and Sponsor button.

How to Get Sponsor Button for YouTube Channel?

Today, while watching a Video, I have seen an unusual button on Youtube screen that I had never seen before.

Sponsor Button on YouTube Video Channel

Image credit: Madan Gowri Youtube Channel

I clicked on it and it takes to a small window, where I can sponsor  to the channel on a recurring basis. As you are aware, many of youtube channels are not earning much, so this will be a great opportunity to sponsor the youtubers.

Sponsor 159 via sponsor button to YouTube video in India

It made me to Sponsor ₹159.00/month to this channel and this will appear $4.99/month for US and other countries.

This will be a great opportunity to all Youtuber’s to earn from youtube in a different way and it is a  way bigger than single monetization ad view cost. Recently it has opened for Gaming site’s in the initial release and now a beta version for non-gamers.

So, what so special with Youtube Sponsor button?

You will have a special focus on the channel and a special live stream. This create’s a personal touch to communicate your thoughts and comments and hoping to get more perks. Now it is available only for web and an Android version, for ios it is yet to be tested.

The Sponsor button is now released with the beta version, hope the youtuber reading this post to get it soon and here I share a hack to get youtube Sponsor button to your youtube channel. Fill out this form [Get Sponsor Button for Youtube Channel]  and wait to get the notification on your youtube channel, with all the rights to Youtube. Thought the Sponsor button for youtube is in Beta version and testing with various youtube channel to push bugfree release.

As researched, the eligibility to get sponsor button is you need to acquire minimum 1000 Subscribers,

Sponsor Button on YouTube Video Channel- conditions

Greatly it should be a Gaming site first to get sponsor button faster and now it is Youtube dependency to approve the non-gaming site as well. I could see Madan Gowri site is not a gaming one but still, he has got  – this proves, the approving sponsor clearly are in the hands of Youtube. You can get to see on Creator Studio > Channel.

The Video I saw it has sponsored button.

Sponsor him to improve the video quality or become a fan for this channel. To get the sponsor button – Youtube has not released the criteria except 1000 subs and Gaming site and others to wait for an official release. How Medium focused on Youtube Sponsor button learn to get more info and see how Techcrunch has his thoughts on Youtube Sponsor button . Official Youtube FAQ page to know more Youtube Sponsor Pricing, Refunds, Cancel subscription, Recurring payments, and eligibility. To know your Sponsor Button to be enabled

International Pricing for Sponsor Youtube Channel 

The monthly recurring prices are based on US Dollars and it is subject to change. The monthly sponsor amount are base on US dollar and helps you to decide  the custom amount to spend to each chanel.

Country Price/month US $ Equivalent
Argentina ARS 49.90 $2.92
Australia AUD 5.99 $4.77
Austria EUR 4.99 $5.97
Belgium EUR 4.99 $5.97
Bosnia and Herzegovina USD 4.99 $4.99
Brazil BRL 7.99 $2.55
Canada CAD 4.99 $4.06
Chile CLP 2490 $3.98
Colombia COP 9990 $3.43
Denmark DKK 49 $7.87
Finland EUR 4.99 $5.97
France EUR 4.99 $5.97
Germany EUR 4.99 $5.97
Greece EUR 4.99 $5.97
Hong Kong HKD 25 $3.20
Hungary HUF 990 $3.83
India INR 159 $2.48
Ireland EUR 4.99 $5.97
Italy EUR 4.99 $5.97
Japan JPY 490 $4.39
Macedonia USD 4.99 $4.99
Mexico MXN 49 $2.76
The Netherlands EUR 4.99 $5.97
New Zealand NZD 5.99 $4.35
Norway NOK 49 $6.25
Peru PEN 7.99 $2.46
Philippines PHP 129 $2.52
Poland PLN 15 $4.18
Portugal EUR 4.99 $5.97
Russia RUB 249 $4.29
Senegal USD 4.99 $4.99
Slovakia EUR 4.99 $5.97
Slovenia EUR 4.99 $5.97
South Korea KRW 4990 $4.42
Spain EUR 4.99 $5.97
Sweden SEK 49 $6.15
Switzerland CHF 5.95 $6.19
Taiwan TWD 75 $2.49
Uganda USD 4.99 $4.99
United Kingdom GBP 4.99 $6.73
United States USD 4.99 $4.99

Sponsor your favorite channel by sponsoring a bit to improve their quality of  Video and Audio part and the sponsor can cancel the sponsorship at any time if you feel it is not worth to pay. If the sponsor recommended to ask refund’s Youtube has all right to deduct the amount from Youtube channels revenue and refund the amount. Learn about Refund policy  from Youtube. Due to violation if the sponsorship cancelled for the channel – the all sponsor amount will be refunded and it will be deducted from last months channels pay.

There are few discussion on forum regarding the sponsor button is not displayed for few viewers! this is because they are not switched to the updated version of youtube, try to use new updated version of youtube and how ever the sponsor button is not available for iOS hoping to get soon.

Do watch Madan Gowri video and become his subscriber and i thank him for sharing the Sponsor youtube button video. Reddit Discussion – to know more.

How to Get Sponsor Button for YouTube Channel?

– Balaji Srinivasan,


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