We have seen many updates about YouTube in techmaza here is a small tip to learn about no code and no extra frame for embedding YouTube in WordPress.  YouTube in WordPress with no extra frames header, footer, and other functions. This gives you the classic look in inside the post. The getting of classic look  inside the post is done through “YouTube Free” plugin in WordPress.  Search for “YouTube Plugin ” to add plugin to your WordPress. Below image shows the difference between ordinary YouTube plugin and YouTube Free plugin.

youtube free plugin in rechmaza - how is it made possible

Steps to make no code, no extra frame YouTube player in WordPress:

# Step 1: Go to Plugin area in WordPress CMS

# Step 2: Add new plugin bu searching the name “YouTube”. We will find plugin by  Version 9.1  | Developed By EmbedPlus Team | View details

# Step 3: Install it in your WordPress and get activated.

# Step 4: If you want to integrate YouTube video in Your WordPress just copy the link and paste them in stage(post writing area) of your WordPress.

# Step 5: The YouTube video with no frame and function will be appear in your post. It gives more classic look to your post (as shown in above picture).

# Step 6: If not appeared go to settings in YouTube plugin and tick off  “Show control” to get as discussed without control YouTube players.

The plugin has of list of options (mentioned below) to control with YouTube and its functions to be embedded in your WordPress post.

At a Glance: Show “At a Glance” Embed Links

Centering:  Automatically center all your videos (not necessary if all you’re videos span the whole width of your blog).

Autoplay: Automatically start playing your videos.

Closed Caption: Turn on closed captions by default.

Annotation: Show annotations by default.

Looping: Loop all your videos.

Modest branding: Hide YouTube logo from control bar while playing.

Related videos: Show related videos at the end.

Red Progressing bar: Use the red progress bar (uncheck to use a white progress bar). Note: Using white will disable the modestbranding option.

HD video:  Force HD quality when available.

Show control: Show the player’s control bar. Checking this also speeds up page loading (the Flash player will “lazy load,” which means it will load the player after clicking play). Uncheck this to completely remove the player controls for a cleaner look – it only used to off your controllers in your WordPress

Responsive Video sizing:  Make your videos responsive so that they dynamically fit in all screen sizes (smart phone, PC and tablet). NOTE: While this is checked, any custom hardcoded widths and heights you may have set will dynamically change too.

Volume Initialization: Set an initial volume level for all of your embedded videos. Check this and you’ll see a slider for setting the start volume to a value between 0 (mute) and 100 (max) percent. Leaving it unchecked means you want the visitor’s default behavior. Read more about why you might want to initialize YouTube embed volume here »

Use these options to make your YouTube video very classic in your blog and also see other way of embedding option for YouTube in WordPress.

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