How to Get WhatsApp for Business? – the latest insight Says, WhatsApp has crossed more than 1 Billion Audience (half of Facebook), to connect between family and friends. Overtime WhatsApp has started migrating to Business slowly and to community whome we care too. In fact many business are into WhatsApp to buy/ sell the product. Example: Online Clothing store uses WhatsApp stories and chats to sell the product to new customers and to retain their old customers. Under Surveys, WhatsApp has many case studies about SME’s are using WhatsApp for business with a single smartphone. By analyzing  these case studies, WhatsApp is planning to introduce “WhatsApp for Business” having certain thing on mind to make communication easier between the client blend.

Each and every business has a different needs and need to delivery it to their customers. WhatsApp business is to be built in such a way, it satisfies all the business needs and something like green tick. The Green tick represents as verified customer by WhatsApp as like Facebook and Instagram has, the Profile is displayed with Business name without saving it.  For an example below i got a message from and Paytm mall namely they are into e commerce, as they are using Business WhatsApp to delivery products to customer. Image as refereed below

WhatsApp for Business - WhatsApp Screen shot

Just imagine Case 1: You are into clotting business and planning to improve your business via online to increase your sales. Chatting to your customer based on their need and sending them pics (awareness) to choose product from your end (consideration) and finally placing an order over online just by chatting (conversion).

Case 2: You are into retail business and your shop location has got changed for some reason!. Send the Location to all your customer by sharing the location with written stuff on it. This saves your time and cost instead advertising to your customer for the change of location. As simple as that all your customer will notified with location and as well as branding. It also applicable for New product Launch, SMS marketing is becoming old fashion cover up with WhatsApp Business marketing.


Now WhatsApp is testing their business App before they release officially. Your business can be a part of it and completing a survey and one among the testing process.  So how do you get hands on, launch WhatsApp -> Settings -> Help -> Contact us -> Type this phrase “WhatsApp for Business”. Choose the question type WhatsApp Business Account. Read though the entire source and take up the survey on Survey monkey (click on survey , you can find it on Second para second line – check the *WBA1 image) – Take up the WhatsApp for Business Survey Here. Fill up the survey from Survey Monkey and now you will be one among WhatsApp for Business testing module for more updates check WhatsApp for Business.


If you are getting message from a WhatsApp Business account and you like to stop it and it never want to contact you, this is made very simple by blocking them by using block button on your chat window.



Soon WhatsApp will contact you for an Business WhasApp Upgrade and the team will visit your Business Location to capture with photos to make short video of it.   Below image is a screen shot for a WhatsApp Business Account Blog.

WhatsApp ForBusiness
*WBA1 image


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