We have seen many, regarding tech solution and tech updated in techmaza but this post to show social responsibility to Nepal earthquake. All the Indian are doing their needful to help suffering Nepalese and big corporate are also doing their responsibilities for the Nepalese. During this earthquake many has been suffering without any communication to their loved once by knowing they have been safe of not, for this calling Applications like viber and Google Hangout is helping them to make free calls to their loved once and to say they are safe. This post is a small contribution to Nepalese, lets show our gratitude towards them and do them needful as much we can.

viberr out calling feature for nepal earthquake

So, viber is allowing free viberout feature to Nepalese to call their loves once to inform they are safe as officialy said in twitter page. so all the Nepalese can call via without any cost to any country, the dead line is not been announced when it closes so till make use of it. While calling dial the number in keypad with code +977  example while calling to Singapore you need to  +977006500000000 or  Select “Viber Out” from contact page. +977 is a code to use free access and 0065 is a Singapore code and followed by landline or mobile number. In case of any help towards it follow and enquire viber via twitter they are answering all the twits or use this link “viber help in twitter“.

google hangouts for desktop - Nepal earthquake disaster

In case of Google contribution towards , google reduce d the price in hangout from 17 cents to 1 cent per minute. Usually nepal covers 17 cents/minute as reduced to 1 cent/ minute, actually Google can even give it for free if so to reduce spammers and system abusing.  It is actually for a good cause so no such thing mustn’t happen, as a default all the android users will be having hangouts in their collection need to add an one extra feature to that application that is google dialer can download from  play store or else form here Dialer for Google Hangouts. or can install hangouts cum dialer in windows computer to make a call GOOGLE HANGOUTS & DIALER FOR WINDOWS“.  As said in Google asia pacific blogFor better help click on. Using windows is more guidable than IOS devices for Hangouts.

Use these features to contact to the loved form nepal to other country and vice versa for it. Make yourself safe and inform to your loved once that you are safe. Pray and help for Nepalese to lead a peaceful life after a high eartquake.

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