Google Calender in your website

Scheduling your task is made easy with GOOGLE CALENDER. The physical dairy can be thrown away, Google calender will replace it much better than your physical dairy.

Lets your family members know your schedule and activities and event to attends them by sharing with your friends. It can be shared with in public also . calender can be used in all the fields like restaurant, event organizers , webminars (online seminars) , available dates for halls , etc..

Google calender can be embedded in your blog, if you wish to share events and schedule to public. sharing of Google calender will be much use full for the event organisers to show the session in a time basis . More help on Google blog  about sharing of CALENDER in public .

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To show session in hours, feel the difference :

google calender on your website - share them with your friends have fun and enjoyment

google calender on your website – share them with your friends have fun and enjoyment.This can be written for everyday to make the schedule easier without your physical dairy( it can be worked offline). How to embed full calender in your website its easy by following these steps.

# Go to Google calender – create your events and schedule on the calender.

# Choose the calender you want to be embedded in your website.

# Right click on the down and choose calender settings.

# Add title , description and location to your calender and grab the code to be embedded in to your website.

# You can customize the calender with colour , border , weeks starts form etc. eg: here

# Paste the embed code in your website.

you can also create the HTML code for your calender to access them with public by choosing the sharing settings in calender settings. use the calender effectively . know more about GOOGLE CALENDER.


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