Google Domains to Go Live- India

Today, I am going to share  that is new to India. Google Domains to Go- Live India. A domain name is your website name and an address where Internet users can access our website. It is also used for finding and identifying computers on the Internet.

Initially, computers used IP addresses for identifying computers on the internet. IP addresses are a string of numbers. However, it is difficult for humans to remember so many numbers. Because of this, domain names were developed. All domain names are unique. No two websites are the same. If you wish to possess a website you have to register the domain name before you use it.

Google Domains to Go Live- India

Google Domain is a domain registration service. You can buy brand new domain names. You can also transfer your existing domains from another registrar into the Google service. It was launched by Mr. Manish Singh on the 9th of October, 2017.

Google Domains to Go Live- India

STEP 1: Anyone can buy the Google Domains very easily. You have to go to Google and type Google Domains. Click on to the first link. You’ll see some space provided for you to type. Type the domain name and look for its availability.

STEP 2: Click Add to cart. You can review your cart by clicking View Cart. Some domains require you to enter some relevant information. Click on to Enter Info and provide the information. Select a privacy option.


Google Domains to Go Live- India

STEP 3: Auto-renew help you keep ownership of your domain by not missing a payment. You can choose or leave it. When auto-renew is on, Google automatically bills the payment method on your account each year around the time your domain expires. Now you can check out at the bottom of the cart. Enter the contact information of your domain.

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STEP 4:The information you enter becomes the public contact information for your domain in the WHOIS database. (WHOIS is a query and response protocol. It has the domain names of the registered users.)Select your payment method. Click Buy. And it is done.

When you register a website with Google Domains, we tend to cover the price of keeping the main points of your domain registration non-public (e.g. your name, address and alternative contact information).  Create up to 100 email aliases with your domain, such as help@your_company or sales@your_company, and have it forwarded to existing email accounts, like

Point your domain name to an existing domain and website. This feature can be used to drive users to one particular place. An example would be forwarding to You will be able to complete this process once you purchase or transfer a domain to Google Domains.

Customize your domain with up to 100 subdomains, such as and This will allow you to create unique pages within your website.

Google domain is available for the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vietnam. If you are outside one of these countries and already own domains in Google Domains, you can manage the domains you own. Click “My domains” in the left column to see the list of your domains.


Many web hosting providers and online tools like Google Sites and Blogger allow you to use your domain as the address of your site. Explore the help center of your web host for instructions on using your own domain or a custom URL.

The following are the ways to use the Google domains . To use your Google Domains with Blogger, see Integrate with Blogger. To use your Google Domains with Google Sites, see Integrate with Google Sites. To use your Google Domains with Google App Engine, see Integrate with Google App Engine.

There are many kinds of domains. They are Premium domains and Registered Premium domains. You again have two types of Premium domains. Enjoy!

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