Google plus HASHTAG

The great giant search engine GOOGLE recognize the text which is in image we upload them on  Google plus  if we are searching for the image as “baby” and we can notice the  image with an HASH-TAG in that image baby images similar to that keyword is made display in the search

 In the image caption appears only when we  double click on the image in the search results.  The  name doesn’t appear anywhere when you click on the image elsewhere on Google plus  profile .


The Google will  automatically TAG the hash-tag in your post in Google plus to get the related image based on the search .

When I posted this in Google plus profile the hash tag of # golden Gate Bridge is automatically in made in my post . So the Google feels that I’m interested in searching the topic in Golden Gate Bridge . It made stored in Google log when i search for Golden Gate Bridge it shows the higher precision in search and shows the better result.

golden bridge google plus hashtag in google plus

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