Google Home and Google Home Mini

Google Home and Google Home Mini (Speakers)

Recently, the technology giant Google has launched Google Home Speakers in India.

Google Home: How does it work? Is it a regular speaker or a special product?

Obviously, It is a smart speaker. It is a wireless interactive speaker and it helps you to play a song, check for the weather today, update my status on social media, save your password, suggest me a good no vegetarian recipe and to ask anything to Google.

If you familiar with Siri, Google now and Cortana then it is simple for you.


Google Home: How to connect?

The users have to download Google Home App from App store or Play store and log in with Google Account and now sync it with Google Speakers with easy simple steps.


What to ask Google Home?

Google Home makes you search simpler! Call Google – hey Google or Google or ok Google.

“Hey Google, what is the weather in Toronto now” / “Hey Google, do I need to carry an umbrella today?”

“Google, Do you know anything about Sharukh’s New Movie”

“Google, where is my Bike Key”

“Google, Remember that I am keeping my mobile phone in the self”

“Google, play a nature music”

“Google, Tweet to Sachin Tendulkar wishing him a Happy Birthday”


So, what comes along with Google home Device?

Surprise! The package of the Google Home speaker also comes with a Philips Hue Bulb and Philips Hue Bridge. Make your home a smart home with Google Home speakers.

You can control it to switch on and Off (“Hey Google switch on my reading table light to white”)


Where can I get Google Home in India?

Google Home Mini Cost in Indian Rupees, Rs. 4490/- and the Tall man, the bigger one, Cost Rs. 9999/-

Wallmart  Google Store    Flipkart    Get Google Home for Free   Best Buy


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