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Here are some video to use Google inbox. The special way of mailing platform to remember all your important task which is buried in your mail. The task to do will remain you with a snooze. The videos below explains the hands on experience for Google Inbox for better mail, remainders, organizer, highlights and much more.  Google Inbox is been official launch by Gmail team as mentioned in their page on Oct 22nd.

 This is the video by Google the trailer about Google inbox to the public.

This the video uploaded by Mashable to show the hands on experience in Google inbox  and quoted “Inbox builds upon Gmail’s tabs, which introduced new buckets for Social updates and Promotions. The app features Bundles, which will group together similar kinds of messages, and Highlights, which puts important emails front and center.”

This the video uploaded by to show the working experience  with hands on Google inbox  and quoted “Google’s not quite ready to perform a major overhaul of Gmail just yet, and instead of forcing everyone over to a new UI with new tools there’s an invite system in place for everyone to try it out for themselves. Here’s a quick look at how Google is replacing Stars with Pins, and changing the way you use your Inbox.”  This video teaches you the tip to use the Google inbox in a better way.

This video is uploaded by ANDROIDPIT COM to explain what is Google inbox, how does it works  in your mobile and what can be done in Google inbox with quoted ” Inbox by Gmail is an exciting new approach to managing email and other things that are important to you. Here’s a walkthrough of what it looks like, how it works and what it does.” in the YouTube video.  All the above is about working Google inbox in android series and below one explains how does it works in IOS.

This the video uploaded by everything4ipod to show the working experience  of Google inbox in ios device. This video is filled with features of Google inbox in ios device, the video is been quoted with the text “Google sent out invites for their new Inbox app yesterday, I wanted to show you all of the new features.” Thus we found the solution for Google inbox in Android and ios devices to use effectively.

bigtopblog_fullres by google inbox

Note: To use this inbox you must request invite from your friends give the request to gmail team by sending mail to send you an invite .


Inbox for Android users

Inbox for ios

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