As we all know all hardware devices is working based on their Operating System. Without OS we can’t do anything in that hardware. Like that, Android is one of the touch screen mobile operating system. A phone which consists the android, that mobile is to be consider as smart phones and also tablets. Now the Google successfully releases the Kitkat version next of jelly beans.


Google Nexus is a smart phone which is operated by Android OS and Developed by Google and HTC. Google Nexus- Smart phone versions are:

  • Nexus one

  • Nexus S

  • Galaxy Nexus

  • Nexus 4

  • Nexus 5

Mini tablet computers:

  • Nexus 7 (Version I & Version II)

  • Nexus 10

Google has announcement of the new version that is Nexus is come up with the kitkat version(learn more). First time Nexus is combined with android 4.4 kitkat for some special feature and it has HD-IPS display(4 inch). If you want to buy a Google launcher, get it from our Google play store. The main feature of this phone is Automatic dialing automatically decides the while browser is connected with the internet.


It has many characteristics. The features include:

  1. It has 16 or 32 GB memory capacity.

  2. Processor is 2.26 GHz and 400 quad score processor.

  3. 8 MP rear camera and 1.3MP front camera.

  4. Lithium polymer battery.

  5. 4G LTE and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to improve the performance of the Google search.


You go through and download it from the marvelous Google app store. It will provides the user to faster access to the Google. Normally we people very idle to search the browser and search in the website. So, now this nexus provides one simple activity to enter the Google. You swipe only once in your mobile on right, it will directly lead to the Google page.

You can use VOICE COMMANDS to continue with the Google. Use of this voice commands you can play a song, surf in the internet. Not only access the internet but also you can access data from the mobile, open and access the mobile apps and send and receive the sms through this voice commands. This mobile is adaptable by the responsive web design. So, you can view a full screen mode of viewing and also larger viewing.

End users can send the messages to your favorite contacts through the Hangouts. Now it supports the sharing of location. Google develop this for fastest connection for Google and browse the things. Nexus 5 is available in US, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Canada and Japan.

It is very easy to access the net by voice commands. Its advantages are:

  1. LTE connects with the signal properly.

  2. It is play on the screaming faster.

  3. It has crystal and clear calls in the mobile.

  4. It is very solid and sleek.

But it is also having some drawbacks. They are:

  1. Audio and power button problem

  2. Issues with the camera

  3. Battery lifetime – average

  4. No expand in phone memory.

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