Google patterns for Throat tattoo to detect lie form Human

Google  patterns Throat tattoo to detect lie


Google patterns for Throat tattoo to detect lie form Human yahoo pics

  tattoo is a form of body modification, made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigmentTattoos are the things which covers peoples of all ages nowadays. Earlier it is only meant for attracting others or drawn for fashion. But development of technology had result in detecting of lies which are said by peoples through tattoos along with microchip. Google’s Motorola Mobility division filed had claimed for a patent.

 It is like an very small thin electronic devices that are attached to the skin of user’s throat like tattoo. It have an transceiver embedded to enable the wireless mobile communication. It is connected through mobile phones to act as a lie detector, which is sure to give security and privacy debates.


 Its a chargeable with help of battery , solar power, capacitive technology, nanotechnology  or electro-mechanical technology. The tattoo has darker side which is connected to the lie detector.

This  device allows us to communicate with microchip present in throat and mobile phones that are in our hands or in pocket. It makes the transmission easier.

 The tattoo has galvanic skin response detector along with lie detector. It monitors the nervousness and also the lie that are said by the people by measuring the galvanic skin response which will be high in the case of telling lies.

The tattoos are programmed to respond to a user’s vocal intonation , a specific word or words , a melody or a harmonic tone or vibration and send specific commands for each one to the mobile phones.

 It may also be used for security purposes and in some emergency environments. Mobile communication devices are operated in noisy environments like , large sports stadiums, busy streets, restaurants, political demonstrations producing acoustic noise of various frequencies. This device helps to reduces the acoustic noises that are produced during transmission and improves it. Her is an working concept of  Google patented tattoo.

google patents for tatoo - to find lie form humans

It has been suggested to be implemented in the animals even though it is an non-human use. The removal of device is not yet known accurately and thus it is difficult to predict whether it is permanent or temporary. Its is impossible to have an spy agent  even in movies and if this electronic skin tattoo comes into reality we are not sure whether this invention will ever make anything from it.

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