Google Photos Launches on Android, iOS, and Web with Free Unlimited Storage

This year’s Google I/O conference has kickstarted with a keynote full of many announcements, such as the unveiling of Android M and its special battery saving feature, the introduction of Android Pay and Brillo for the Internet of Things, as well asHBO Now for Android and Chromecast. And, as it was pretty much expected, Google has also announced a brand new Google Photos storage service which is putting a huge pressure on its rivals.

google photos free unlimited photo video storage

The new Google Photos service comes with unlimited storage of images and videos entirely for free, which is a very aggressive move meant to put huge pressure on the competition. At the moment the resolution is limited to 16 megapixels for photos and 1080p for videos, but this can be viewed as a drawback by professional photographers and users who are truly passionate when it comes to picture taking.

What’s really cool is that Google isn’t restricting its new service, as it’s making it available starting from today on iOS, Android, and the web, as well. A special feature of the service is that Google will analyze your images and will automatically sort them into groups. Thus, this feature will allow you later on to search for specific moments in photos, looking up “rain in May” as an example, and receiving images rainy days in the month of May.


Also, it goes without saying that all of your pictures and videos are automatically backed up and synced across all your devices. Users can tap and drag to multi-select photos, which a nice little feature. Also, just like it is available on the Google+ service, you can quickly enhance photos and combine them into collages, animations, movies with soundtracks, and more. All in all, this looks like a great service from Google and I’m looking forward to start using it for the thousands of pictures and videos I’m about to take.

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