Google Play Services is with 4.1

 To download or install any app through Google, we use Google’s Play store. But if you like to update the current version of any app that is already been installed in your device, What would you do?

Google Play Services is your best choice. It is used to update the apps in Google Play and any of the Google apps. It also enhance your app and gaming experience and speeds up your search even in offline. For that you need to have Google Play Services installed in your device.

Google Play services

Google have recently launched the Google Play Service4.1 for its Android users. You can find this Play Service in Google Play Store. But what’s special with the this 4.1 version?

You can have Google Drive, Google+, Turn Based Multiplayer and Google Mobile Ads as special features in Google Play Services 4.1.

# Google Drive

Google Play Service 4.1 gives a preview of new Google Drive API (Application Programming Interface) to its Android users. You can also use this Drive to read and write files in offline too. Your created or edited file while in offline, will be synchronized with your existing files in Drive when you are reconnected to the  online.

 # Google+

Google+ will helps you to choose people to whom you can to share with the thing you posted in it. This will be based on your contacts or device contacts and your g+ friends. This will lets you to authenticate a user with some credits based on how they are using Google everyday .

# Turn Based Multiplayer

Turn Based Multiplayer is now supported for playing games with 2-8 players per game. In this game, each player has to wait for their turn to play and to increase their scores. After each of the player, the score will be uploaded in the Play service and this will be shared with your friends in the game automatically.

# Google Mobile Ads

Mobile Ads helps you in achieving your marketing objectives at higher end. A good Ad will increase your customers and profits especially through mobiles. Google Play Services 4.1 helps you to publish , exchange your  or can search for your ad with just Double click on it.  You may want to include your Location, visit google play service is with 4.1

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