How Google Tez App For Business | Payment App by Google

Tez is a payment App Launched by Google very recently to the market and it is trending now in all App stores.  Here this is post covers about Tez for Business Get more transaction and Sell more. It can paying to tickets, booking bus busses, paying for cloths, Mall shopping. Payment made with Tez.

Tez App for Business

Tez App For Business

Tez App is more secured for each and every transaction with the help of Tez Security features. Businesses will get Tez with their own channel to manage their cluster of Audiences. To reach out them with offers and personalized engaging [individual offers] method with your customers.    Fill out the form below to express the interest for Tez Business.

Express Your Interest to Tez Business

By filling the form you agree the terms ans conditions and google may contact for business development for Tez to index your business.

Your Business to Recall on Tez Home Screen

The Major advantage of Tez business is to recall your Business profile on Clients Tez Home Screen and very easy to pay by a single click. How to See Home Screen on Tez? Just swipe up the bottom tab on your default screen. It represent as the same picture mentioned below.

Tez Business Home Screen


How to Send Offers Directly to Customer via Tez App

The Business Tez allows the Business User to send Offer directly to clients with call to action there they no need to install their individual apps. Take for an Example, you got an personalized message / personalized Offer message from PVR cinemas. There will be an call to action to Call, Claim, Shop Now, Learn More, Explore.

Tez Business – Get Accessed to Seamless Payment Methods

Engaging with old Clients made easier by just a single tap on making payments with saved cards already. Just choose the card and click pay , thats it payment is done for your purchase and very easy to claim offer and keep engaged with business always.

Tez Business With a Secure payment

The first payment App with shield enabled in it, it helps to stop fraud, Increase security wall and prevent hackings. Each and every transaction is secured and 24/7 customer support is available for your immediate actions to stop, block or to prevent your payments. Customer Supports helps in all the way as in form phone and chat and all national languages.

So, Why wait if you have a business get Tez Downloaded approach it for Business handle and get more sales. Utilize direct claim platform to get more sales.

To know more about Tez Business log on to Tez Business Page  and Tez help center for policies and conditions.

Hope you Like the solution for Tez Business share with your friends those who need Tez badly to their business and get revenue.

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