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Google Tez App, it makes your money simple share. Easy way to send money to your family and friends, share your cashless money for a dinner, Pay your bill to any restaurant, Pay for a taxi, send money to your kids account. Send the money either big or small to anyone directly from your bank via Secured tez.

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Tez App from Google

Tez is developed developed for India to make a easy payment gateway by breaking any middle man. Get or send money digitally by Tez. What is so superior in this? yes there is, it is been developed by Google exclusively for Indians to make digital Payment easier. This App is available for ios and Android variants.

Tez for Ios

Tez for Android

Tez | Money in your Bank

Tez uses a intillegent way to tranfer money to someone or get money from someone. It Pay’s directly from your bank account and receive it to your bank account, Still you will be earning interest from it. There is no wallet concept here to be re -loaded or separate account to be opened for Tez, it directly Sync with your Bank Account.\

Tez Uses UPI (Unified Payment Interface), that supports more than 50 bank in India. Which Includes Axiz Bank, Andhra Bank, HSBC Bank, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India, Indian Bank, Kodak Mahindra Bank with lot more as you can see supported Bank list here By NPCI (National Payment Corporation India). Tez App works with all App integrated with UPI Live members.

Tez App Google - National Payment Coporation of India

How to Secure Payment with Tez Shield

The Tez Shield works 24/7 for all 365 day, it help to detect fraud, prevent hacking, any middle man works and verify your identity. Each transaction is secured with UPI PIN and Google Tez App is secured with Google PIN or any screen lock method / Phone password / Face ID. The Tez App help Centre will help in all the way and available all day every day.

How to Tez Pay nearby

Use cash mode to send or receive cash to the user near by  without sharing  private details by phone number or Bank account details. On Receive cash mode from a user A and On send cash mode by a user B to transfer the money near by. Each transaction is secured with a password and you can send only to person you need to and connected.


How to Pay Online with Tez

Tez makes the payments more easier and secured to any Apps or Websites. Paying online is more easy with Tez, the online payments will be accepted where UPI is integrated. All the transactions are Secured by UPI password. Some of the websites accepting Tez [redBus, PVR cinemas, Dominos Pizza, Dish TV, Jet airways] and many more.

Tez Coupen Code

As tez is new baby to the world, as a branding more surprises are hidden inside, If you wan to reveal the surprises keep using the App and transfer the money. For first two transaction you will get 51 INR each, Each Referrals you will get 51 INR each, More you use the Tez App the more coupon codes can be revealed. There is a chances of winning 1000 INR with each transaction  and chances to 1 lakh every week. To see more about Tez reward and Point check here.


Tez Works for Major Indian languages

As Tez is made for India. It supports English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu as a Major languages. It works in a way to understand easily and get connected to all as the image states below.

Tez App Languages

How to Tez for Business

Business owners and Shopkeeper can use Tez Business App. The amount will be directly transferred current account without any fees. Tez is currently working on development of Business App and shortly updates can be released. If you have a online business check out Tez for Business

Steps to get Started with Tez App

Step 1: Download and Install Tez for free

Step 2: Set your google pin or screen lock

Step 3: Link your bank account to your Tez to send or receive payment

Step 4: Ready to Go, Now everything is set to send or receive payments from your friends.


Connecting Tez by Social Media

Tez YouTube Channel for tips and tricks

Tez facebook Page

Tez twitter Page

Tez App – Android:

Reviews for Tez: 13000 and more

Rating for Tez: 3.8 so far (there is chances of changing)

Require Android version: 4.4 and up

App Released: September 19

Last Updated: September 19

Google Tez App – Money Made Simple | New Payment App By Google

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