Google trend as instead of manual keyword search

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Know About  Google Trends

It is one of the Google products,  At first Google launch its Google insight as search engine in 2008 then later it merged with Google trends, Marketers are using this service conjunction with Google Trends and then later Google keyword research tool is used to identify the potential search trends and ads or markets.

google trends - use google better in trends

Today one of the popular tool among Google is an keyword research tool which is most widely used by many peoples over the world wide to know their specialized keyword for their website to improve business.

The people who starts the business for the first time there is nothing to get worried. tool trend(Google trend) which is so simply and whomever can use it so simply. It provides lots of information which is related to stock marketing. Unlike the research tool you dont want any adword account.

Then how does it helps business owners?

There are several answers for it but one of the most common answer is it will be contributing in helping businesses choosing an advertising message that fits and resonates.

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Why trend is so  important?

Google trend is useful for people who does stock marketing’s and also an information related to technology which is implemented newly in day today’s life. It is now only useful for business peoples its can be use used in many ways to get information for particular things.


For example- I’ve searched as a “rap music”(example). I got lots of information related rap music one single page. I didn’t waste my time by searching separately over separate search engine.

So if Google is the answer to all of our questions, what is it that people want to know? More specifically, what is it that people want to know about rap music?


If people are using Google to get their information about rap music, or to get the rap music itself, what words or terms are they searching for? Remember, the Internet is the most democratic thing in the world. Press exposure, radio spins, and videos on MTV can build an artist’s name, but a gauge of word searches for that name will tell us more about voluntary behavior—how many people express, through direct action, interest in that name.

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I hope you guys get an idea about Google trends and whats the purpose of it know us more through comments .


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