Using of google is been increasing day by day. The google app for android mobile is improving a lot for finding the result in a easier manner. The Google app shows the time to our airbus and many other things can be done with Google app with our Android mobile. Here the video shows  how for Google app is useful  in our daily life. The video is been uploaded by Android Authority.

Google now is been added with new feature to alert your if you have been searched for products to purchase on Google. The log is been stored in your account and while your search for following time the alert appears if the product s been found near your place for your easy purchase. Google tracks your location and and finds the product to purchase near by as like Google map for finding nearby restaurant and ATM centers.

Ex: If the case you are looking for boot shoes online. It gets stored in your logs and next time while you search for same product it display the place  where it appears near by. With number of stocks and rate which they mentioned. Download this app form the  android play store and enjoy your shopping near your place while your travel.

Google mentioned about these things in his Google G+ page. Follow the page for more information about this app for your android mobile.

 products searched avail nearby

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