How to make your Google Search engine to old mode -1998


If you are the people belongs to 20th century and curious to know about Google search on 1998  ,  if so yes here is a trick about how Google search gives result on 1998. The first GOOGLE DOODLE is published on 1998 , with stick man at back of Google logo.

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In 1998 Google displays the result in plain HTML page  without any design in it , it shows as simple as possible in search result , do you want to view this page how it appears in 1998 . Here is a phrase “Google in 1998” copy paste on Google search the result appears on old page of Google on 1998. If does not appeared here is a search link “GOOGLE IN 1998

Here is a snapshot about comparison of  Google in 1998 and 2013 . On 1998 itself Google displays number of results and approximate time fetched for the keyword. The only keyword result appeared in 1998 mode is “Google“.  The page has the link with present “TAKE ME BACK TO 2013“.

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The text box and drop down buttons are in made simple manner to perform the search in 1998 mode. This page shows how it was on 1998 mode and current mode feel the difference and remember how search is difficult and efficient  on 1998 and 2013.

google in 1998 mode and 2013 mode feel the difference comparison mode

snapshot on Google 1998 mode and current mode feel the difference in search and design between these two snapshots  how Google chances its design and improvement between 1998 and 2013.



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