Google launches Chrome canary. Its a  browser, It has Chrome Web Store which allows you to view or download many Apps. The new Chrome canary (super user forum) will not affect your normal browser.

Chrome web store has many Applications (create application by your own for free in simple steps) like Education, Games, News & communication, Social and communication etc., Most of the Apps are available at free of cost, You can add those App to your Chrome canary and you can make use of that. From this new Chrome Canary you can get weather details and sports scores etc.,
If you would like to download this new Chrome Canary browser for your system just follow the steps

• Go to the link or click here

• And start downloading your chrome canary.

• Follow the procedures like Accept the policy then after downloading, Click the set up and start install Chrome canary in your system.

• It may takes while to install. Wait until it gets completed.

• Automatically it will direct you to the Gmail page. First you need to sign in to your account. Then start working in your new browser.

• Now the Installation process completed. You can enjoy the new features of Chrome canary.


• Now in the starting page i.e. default search page. If you are not getting just give new tab then you will find Google search page.

• And now you will get Chrome Web store. Click and enter in to that.

• Once if you enter in to web store, you can see many App. You can choose by your wish.

• If you have chosen News & Weather then select weather Forecasts, Then you will get Apps related to Weather Forecasts. Select the App that you need to Add to your chrome.

• Most of the Apps are available at free of cost. So just click free. Then you have to click Add to your chrome.

• Once if you added to your chrome. Just go to that App and open it. If you can’t find that, Just go to starting search page. In that you can see many tab like links, In the top left corner you will get tab Apps. Just open that.

• It will display the Apps that are added to your Chrome. Now you will find your weather App, open that then enter your city detailsand get the temperature details.

• Like this you can Add any kind of App to your chrome and make use of it.

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