How Apple pay is helpful in paying bills?

how does apple pay works | security system behind it

This is new to hear the word “Apple Pay” but it sounds good with combination of the name Apple with pay.  The money cycle is being changed form carry money (papers) to hand to  plastic cards and this has been changed to clicks  and cardless method by Apple pay. Where ever you shop just carry a phone instead of  carrying a card, one click to pay your bills via Apple pay. Here is the video explains how does the Apple pay works and thank you  CNET for providing this video.

Here it shows the meaning for the word “Thats it!!” just an blink payment is done.


In the Page of Apple they mentioned “you wallet. Without the wallet” it does works as the same. The payment is all done through NFC(Near Field Communication for wiki). For security, Touch ID does instead of typing CVV number and password touch ID. The secure element is a chip new to iphone 6 and 6 plus encrypts your password and transaction which is done through your iPhone’s and Apple watch. Each transactions is secured and encrypted saved them in private server which can only seen by consumer even the whole seller and the company  Apple doesn’t know what the transaction it is.


It does via one Touch to pay with Touch ID. Never wakeup your phone or open an APP to pay your bills just bring phone close to contactless reader with your finer on Touch ID. You don’t even to look the screen to know the payments is done? notified via vibration or a beep you know. The payment is also been possible via Apple watch bring the closer to contactless reader and double press the button which is next to digital crown. The notification as like iphone the beep or pulse will be notified as your choice.

how does apple pay works

Single Touch on Touch ID : Iphones

Double Press the button next to digital crown : Apple watch.

Every payment is been possible in Apple pay in your mobile apps. The Mentioning of Address, location, phone number is been avoided in Apple pay, In single click of Touch ID all the information about your choutout will be done. Setting up of adds and adding them is more simple, the first card you add is default one and followed by everything. The new can be chosen by adding new card option. Adding new card is very easy with just an photo shot of front and back of the card.

If the phone is even lost it can be tracked and suspend all the transaction when it is after losing the phone.  Thus it creates an revolution in paying of bills very much easier.  The Apple pay is even can be done for iphone 5, 5s, and 5c via Apple watch from early release on 2015 in the market.

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