How long you can lost without your smartphones in your hand ???

Written by/Starring Charlene deGuzman
Directed by Miles Crawford  published by charstarleneTV

How long you can lost without your smartphones in your hand ??? Its really hard  to leave out it – smart phone creates the wow factor while its in our hand .

The Author released the Short video about  smart phones vs humans – whether we should rule mobiles or mobiles should rules us.  Nowadays mobiles are ruling us  with the technology inside it creates the wow factor for us , for  using the  smart phones .


We use phones while we in our wedding , get together with our old friends , parties we never concentrate on  live shows which is going on there in parties  , we look on phones and operates it ever till the end –  smart phones brings the gap between our loved once in parties or functions .

nokia_collage form the past to future brands

Many are addicted to smart phones , they never think of their situation where they are  and what they are .  Texting concept follows us where we  moves  , we keeps on updating newses with our loved once via texting  and in social media (facebook, twitter,G+,etc).

nokia old cellphone vs new cellphone - lumia 1020

When we look on very famous mobile brand called NOKIA it releases the mobile from its past to current – there are lots technology changes with in a decade . from basic model black and white mobile model to the current full touch mobile screen (lumia 1020)  with very high camera resolution its looks more good  than the reality .

Nokia_Lumia_1020_Camera_Action -

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