There are lots of tech updates about Facebook and here is one among them, A day without Facebook is a day wasted. Now in digital world the only way to communicating with friends via social networking sites. Recently released an update about adding smiley to any image it has uploaded. The smiley can be added to the uploaded image to expression the reactions towards the smiley.

faceboook smiley adding feature in upload photos

Upload images as usual method, when uploading is done mouse hover on uploaded pic will be displaying two options tagging people and adding smileys(edit photo), Choose edit photo and add smileys form your tray. It can be placed on desired location where ever we want in picture and sizable as like mentioned below.

adding smiley to facebook uploaded photos - techmaza

These stickers are used for expression based on the image. Add smileys from your tray and make good expression based on your images uploaded. If also can add smiley to your tray from by clicking (+) on top right corner of smiley tray. List of smileys can be downloaded Facebook gallery.

Add Smiley to the uploaded image and impress your friends with during the expression  in the image.This will give an extra impression for your image. Use it effectively and enjoy it.


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