How QR code helps in GOOGLE MAPS!!

Many drivein locations , Restaurants , ATM centres made accessed by Google maps to find them very easily. Even planning for picnic spot to a new location which you  never met before is made easy by GOOGLE MAPS navigation.

How does QR code helps in Google Maps in finding the location and navigation process , lets us consider with an example.

When picnic is planned to a new place which you  never met before, search in Google map the places near and make a schedule with it and find them in Google maps . Use the old map ( “Classic map” ) point out the location and copy the link from the link button. The link will be much bigger to use, use  Google URL Shortener to the linkExample1 here from , Example2 here from,77.315833&sspn=0.020482,0.042014&t=m&z=15 ) to reduce the link length and make them shorter .

Make the collection of  short links the places to be visited by typing the name of the place to find better. (Ex: If planned for NewDelhi)

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Ajmal Khan Park : 
Buddha Jayanti Park : 
Childrens Park : 
Deer Park :
Dahula Kuan Complex : 
Suraj Kund :
Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary :

Place them in a text box and convert them as single QR code – print out it and scan through the mobile to get the location easier , In one QR code at most 15 links can be saved with title of the area(place).To see the place click on the link where scanned form QR code .

using QR code in google maps navigation to find the places soon as possible in the google map - using qr code in google map

 QR code made easy in pointing out the location through Google maps – finding them easier .

Use GOQR.ME (Qr code creator) to list of links as QR code -> convert them into QR code save and print them . Scan QR code when need of  location to be accessed in Google maps   .

convert the qr code using goqr .me

snap shot of qr code when scanned from system thorugh mobile

Result of this QR code made decrypted as  decripted QR code - when scanned form qr code  - to make place very effective

when the short url ( link ) is clicked – it takes to the specific location finally it ends in a happy picnic with Google map navigation. QR code used in many factors , it is the idea to show about it can be also used in GOOGLE MAPS to find navigation .

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