In today’s world mostly people are using desktop computer, laptops etc., So the user always wish to protect their system by means of password protection. Password protection really helps us to prevent unauthorized access. It is necessary to change the password periodically to secure your system but sometimes due to frequent change of password people may forget or get confused about their password. But there are many methods which helps us to unlock your. Here are some methods which really helps you to unlock by yourself.

switch_user between windows users

# Method  I

Accessing locked computer with the help of another Administrator:

If your user account is locked, It can be recover by administrator account. For that first you need to login your windows. Press the buttons ctrl+alt+Del”  if your computer already installed with the windows 7 operating system. Then you have to click the button “Switch user“. Otherwise you have to press the arrow on the left side of your image If your computer already is installed with windows 8 operating system. Choose the administrator which you remember the password. Then you type the password and press the enter key to access the computer.


windows-8.1-start for your computer

# Method II

Accessing the computer with its password reset:  

Step I: Use Administrator Account to Reset password

First login in to your Administrator account (i.e. Method 1). And then go to your Control Panel page. For windows 7 go to Control panel then click User Accounts and Family Safety. In that select User Account then click  Add or remove user accounts. Then select either change or remove password, If you select change password option then type the new and confirm password. If you select Remove password option then just click Remove password. And you can able to set new password.

Step II: Use Reset Dick to change the Forgotten Password

If you enter the password incorrectly, Then the system will display an error message and then it gives Reset option. Click on Reset Password” option then follow the Reset wizard. Once if you have enter in to Reset Wizard then click NEXT button, After that insert your Password Reset Disk which you have created then click NEXT button. Select Password Reset key disk and change password by entering new password. Finally click Finish button to change password.

Step III: Use Command prompt to Reset your Password

First sign in to your Administrator Account ( Method 1) then go to Command Prompt. For Example go to start and click Run option then enter cmd for Windows 7. For windows 8 just press windows button + X then click Command prompt from the popup menu. In the command prompt type NetUser<user name><new password> and hit enter button then password will changed.

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