Having an Digital signature in a image shows the date, when it has been taken for the remembrance. The old photos will be having Date and Time in the picture and it is useful for future reference. Do you want add date and time in your picture as a watermark for your future reference. It is very easy to add manually in your image.  To add watermark in your photo proceed the following steps.


# Go to link choose images from your drive and choose for step 2 to add watermarks in to your image.

# Choose the styles and position to add watermarks  in the picture. With number of styles and positions appear

# Choose your own data and time to be added in picture and place them by just typing date and time as water mark.

# Here is the comparison of two images of adding watermarks (digital name)  and ordinary image.

windows 8 image without digitals
windows 8 icon image without digital
windows 8 image with digitals
windows 8 icon image with digital

It will not look as like we get in film role camera. This is the thing can be done manually looks similar as picture taken in film roll camera with date and time mentioned in it.

Another method to add WaterMarks in picture:

 Go for water marker images or click here (watermark-images).  In this website many options such as font styling , placing , size, properties can be edited in watermarks. By choosing as like options mentioned above this picture can be e

dited by including watermarks with different styles and features. This site is best alternative for to perform watermark options.

Watermark website (“Batch Watermark photos online”) has a list of many features in text options, text properties and styles. To make it new picture to old picture like film role camera picture by mentioning date and time.

techmaza digital watermark on windows 8 icon
“techmaza” digital watermark on windows 8 icon

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