We are becoming more and more dependent on our smartphones and tablets, as they seem to become an universal device that you can use to access the information that is so important nowadays. This isn’t a bad thing, but when you depend so much on a single piece, you have to be responsible with it, totake care of it. That’s why when your Android smartphone or tablet heats up, you start to worry and ask different questions:

  • what have I done?
  • should I buy another phone?
  • does Android suck?
  • what’s causing the heating?
  • what can I do to prevent my device from heating?

Though the article concentrates on Android devices, the logic should hold good with any smartphone/tablet.

1. What’s Causing The Over-Heating?

Yes, I know, when you invest around $500 in your digital buddy, it’s quite hard to “let it go” just because you have over-heating problems. But, don’t worry, with moderate use and some steps that you must take, you will avoid ditching your Android and will continue using, at least until another tech beauty catch your eyes.

Small Size

The most simple explanation would be the small size and lack of ventilation. Ourdesktop PC’s, laptops, printers, TV’s also have heating issues but they are well ventilated, so that the plastic and the metal pieces are being cooled down. How do we use our smartphones and where do we keep them? That’s right, in our warm palms. Some of use use the tablet on solid surfaces, but that doesn’t help too much, as, obviously, it doesn’t leave space for the handset to “breathe”.

Excessive Gaming

This is another thing that manufacturers should have in mind and maybe they will be able to deploy a small cooling fan inside our smart, yet hot devices. Why does it heat up that fast when you’re playing games? Because you’re soliciting the “mother board” of the smartphone or tablet and it pushes electronic inputs at a much faster rate than when you write a message, for example. Playing a game requires a lot of resources from your phone and it represents the most obvious cause for overheating.

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Continuous Online Browsing

Probably the second most consuming process is the online browsing. First of all, the smartphone or the Android tablet requires either GSM, EDGE, Wi-Fi or 3G connection (4G where applicable, as it is much faster than 3G) to display online content. So it’s a double effort for your smartphone/tablet: first of all it has to support the wireless data transfer, then it has to make use of the video resources available to display the information that you need. And let’s be honest, it can be quite fun to watch funny YouTube videos on your gizmo, right?

Old Battery and Inappropriate Use of it

You’d think that your Android battery is a part of your gadget, that it doesn’t represent a separate part? Well, think again. Almost all manufacturers buy the batteries and incorporate them inside but they forget to mention that you need to replace them, as their life cycle varies from 300 to 500 charging cycles. You don’t have to count how many times your recharge your smartphone, but if you drain the battery in 1-2 days, then you should change your battery once in 1-2 years. It’s a good investment and should increase its life and decrease the level of heating, as well. Don’t listen to the manufacturers, they will always boast with good battery life, but chances are that after less than one your, you will become frustrated with it.

Also, it’s  a vicious circle with battery and high temperature. When your Android smartphone or tablet is hot, then it will drain your battery much faster as it will make then ion movement much faster. Also, try and avoid full discharges and don’t recharge only when your Android gizmo has already gone dead. Partial, quicker recharge seriesare better for the health of your batteries and it will also save you of the stress.

Stressing Your Gadget While it Recharges

There are some of use who are so in love with their digital friends that they can’t leave them be not even when they are “feeding”. Instead of leaving your Android buddy rest in its recharging dock, you are poking him and asking for more fun. You will see how fast it will warm up if you will not let it recharge.

2. How to Avoid the Over-Heating


First of all, you need to be careful about all the above enlisted points and avoid repeating the same mistakes thousands do. That’s why you need to:

  • Reduce your gaming obssessions
  • Moderate your online browsing sessions
  • Take care of your battery and leave your Android pal recharge in piece.

Disable Unwanted Functions

A few weeks after I bought my Android smartphone, it had all sorts of functions enabled that drained its battery and, obviously, made it over-heat. I strongly recommend that you disable vibrations if you don’t need them; don’t use an “expensive”, moving wallpaper as it use your gadget’s operating memory maybe when you don’t even need it. Be sure to check your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections, don’t leave them enabled if you don’t need them as your terminal will keep searching for new networks or other buddies to connect with.

Just Turn it Off

Have you ever tried to turn your phone off during the day? Or you leave him “awake” even in the night hours? It may sound crazy, but when you don’t need your phone to be on, why don’t you shut it down? There are many people out there who find it hard to shut down their computers, which makes them addicts. But, learn to separate your life from technology and use it only when you really need it. When you sleep, turn it off. When you are in a business meeting, turn it off. It will keep your techno friend “fresh” and ready for work when you need it.

Don’t Throw Your Gizmo Everywhere

Some of us take their gadgets right before stepping into shower or even after waking up. A few days after you just bought your beauty, you will be careful with it, but after you get acquainted and you get to know all its dirty secrets, it can “bore” you. So, you will leave it around the house, or, even worse, forget it in your car and let it burn under bashing sunlight. What happens if you leave it near another electronic piece? It can magnetize, and, with time, contribute to the over-heating. So, be careful and don’t lose your Android tablet or smartphone in your house, car or yard.

Clean Your Smartphone/Tablet

No, you don’t have to wash it, but cleaning the battery contacts and puffing it for dust will surely be a great help for it. Dust can infiltrate inside your device through the microphone fan and even infiltrate using the recharging orifice. If you are not sure how to open your Android smartphone or tablet and to pack it back, then run to a phone service nearby and ask them to clean it up.

Get A Better One And Upgrade

While not everybody can afford buying a new Android smartphone or slate, this will surely help in your over-heating issues. It seems that battery life is being extend year after year, although there are no real plans yet for a real big life cycle and over-heating free pieces. Newer devices have improved operating system and are more optimized which should make them more appropriate for use, thus, cooler and more pleasant in your hand.

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