HOW TO BOOK OLA / UBER FROM DESKTOP: Cabs or hired vehicles have been a sensation ever since their introduction. They have revolutionized and redefined the means transport. With this, one need not wait at the bus stops or try hiring autos or even wait for them under the scorching heat. And with the change in times, this service has been made even more sophisticated. Applications have been made available to the smartphones that have made the process of hiring a cab even easier. All that a person has to do is to download and install an application, open up the application, enter the pickup and drop location and that is all it!! Apps such as Uber, Ola etc. Have been made available with enough sophistication. These apps provide you with your choice of transport vehicle at your doorstep at the time of your desire. And the best part of this means of transportation is that one need not pay extra for all the added advantages that the person gets when you use an app to hire a cab.

How to book your cabs from your Desktop?
How to book your cabs from your Desktop?


So what does the app offer you?? book your cabs from your Desktop?

The app indeed offers a lot of options that will keep a customer satisfied.

1. Paying within the app: the app provides its customers to pay within the app. For instance, when a customer takes a cab from a certain service provider, he or she is given with an opti9on to make the payment through online itself. The person can recharge his online wallet and make the payments through this online wallet itself,  all he needs to do is to ensure that his online wallet is recharged to avail this facility.

2. A well informed ride: Apps such as Ola and Uber provide their customers worth a well informed ride. Once you book a ride with the app, you are provided with a complete set of information like the details of the driver, a number of the cab, his current location and much more. Features like these make apps such as these great. They not only ensure a safe ride but also helps you plan ahead of your departure. You can also have a track of the route while traveling. This helps you plan accordingly


3. Easily rechargeable wallet: one can easily recharge the online wallet on the go. You can use any means of net banking or can even our credit or debit card. The process is so easy that one can even recharge his e-wallet while he on the ride.

4. Special bookings for airports: customers are provided with special fares while going to the airport or for returning from the airport. This feature provides tension free, comfy rides at reasonable rates.

For features like these, such apps have become almost unavoidable especially for regular commuters. These days, many people have realized the safety standards provided by such service providers and how easy they are to avail at low costs compared to the regular old cabs. With the traveling apps, you can enjoy the comforts provided by them at lower costs right from your doorsteps to your desired destination. On the other hand, as for the regular cabs, you will have to wait for long till you get a cab for your budget. These cabs also provide you with air-conditioned cabs when compared to the other once. Such traveling apps have been designed by keeping the safety and comfort standards in mind and hence these cabs always offers the best services compared to the routine type of cabs.

Apps such as these have been built for the smartphones. But now you can have it on your desktop too. Just follow the steps mentioned below and you are good to go.

Before you download the app for your windows or MAC desktop, you will have to download and install the Bluestack Emulator. Download the software now

For an Instance: You are out of your mobile and you have to book a cab without any help, Download Bluestack Emulator and get it done and install in your Windows. It helps you to download android apps under windows platform, download Ola or Uber – as they are best among cabs booking now. Get them installed under Bluestack provided login credentials and it very ease to book your cabs from your Desktop.

How to book Ola cab from Desktop PC?

Here is the special booking API function integrated into Ola website to book a cab. If you are unable to reach your and your Desktop or Laptop are close by, use it to book a cab easily as you book on Mobile App.

Just follow these steps to book you ola cab from your desktop PC.

  • Launch Ola website –
  • There you can see “Book a city taxi to your destination in town” and all the option are appeared there right from Mini, share to prime and Lux.
  • The cab booking API got integrated into the website to it becomes easy
  • Choose the Cab you are booking – within city / Outstation / Rentals
  • Choose the Pickup location by using Google maps, only limited location can be enhanced because you house location will not be marked on it. Try to check with nearby landmark which has placed on the google map and set as your pickup location. (NOTE: To get your current location to be done from your desktop! – go for yes if ola popup arise. The browser to get your current location.)
  • Choose the drop location in the same way as you did for pickup location.  Check with google maps to choose the location for a drop or any relevant location to it to the get the fair.
  • Choose from the scheduling – Ride now or Schedule a ride.
  • Once the above things are placed, the list will be generated of all cars and fares for that. Choose your convenient fare and go ahead for booking it by proving phone number and login.

The same Instruction as follow for Outstation and rental’s cab booking. Try other function and start using ola money and get 50 rupees off on all topup. As you use Coupon code as mentioned below

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The coupon is with limited period availability and subject to close anytime.

How to book Uber cab from Desktop PC?

Uber cab booking is somewhat different when compared to Ola cab booking. In Uber cab booking only sign up is possible on the website. Once you provide information like – Name, Email, Phone number and other fields to sign up a form -> it takes to App download page. Where we can only download an Uber app to get the cab bookings done.

these are trendy cab booking as the third party also has booking within their website to the customers engaged. Ex: Meru cabs it works as an ola to book to book your cab from the Meru website. If you are addicted fan of Meru cabs get the booking done in the same way as ola.

Get Cabs for your desktop: Ola Cabs | Uber Cabs | Meru Cabs

Updated -18 November:

Solution to Book Uber cab without mobile App!

So, Here I found a solution today to book Uber cabs form desktop. This is also as so simple as booking Ola Cabs. This method will also ask for popup to get your current location or any landmark name to book cabs.

  • Launch of Uber Mobile website –
  • Choose the enable location or type your pick address on API integrated map
  • Choose Pickup and drop locations to get cab arrived
  • Enter the phone number and to get OTP confirmation and this is only for one-time setup form next it won’t be asking for sign on
  • Once the OTP is confirmed the number will be exchanged with you and driver for a smooth contact.

Note: This method is so easy and no deviation to book a cab within a minute connect. While placing the location please make sure you are using the right destination point on the map – So the drive will drop you to only to the location you have placed. Make sure the location is nearer to your destination point.

The sign on method is only one time one, from next booking no need to sign on again. The only part needs to do get is OTP for each time confirmation.

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