How to BREAK School Proxy ??

If  you have trouble in accessing webpages when it is blocked – Here are some option to break proxy servers implemented in your WiFi router in a simple way – bookmark this page to access proxy every time easier  .

How To Use Google Translate as a proxy :

We use Google translator tool to convert our language to our local format – there is a proxy hiding in Google translator tool , be cool if  social networking site is blocked in your  working area here is a chance to break the wall (proxy) by Using  Google translator  .


Open Google translator >> GOOGLE  TRANSLATOR

Paste the link in from box and select the language you want to encrypt them press enter it will take to your website – the website will display in a different language because it is encrypted with some other language  or do this action edit this URL paste your website name instead of “” it will directly take your respective website . with the help of Google Translator.
Replace your URL with techmaza  – its  a simple proxy made used by Google translator tool. Here is an example of techmaza translated to TAMIL from ENGLISH  .
 procxy webpage on google translate tool.png - google translator tool - convert your language to another form simplae proxy made defined

How To Use Google Modules as proxy:

Google module is the  host for all Google gadgets and it can acted as proxy server to download videos and songs from this link with download link.

copy this URL and replace with yours – the best thing in Gmodules is  any formatted  file can  downloaded from this link . Audio , Video .

use these techniques to break school proxy   and use it effectively.

proxy webpage on google tranlate tool

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