How to Buy .au, .ae, .my, .sg, .io Domains from India?

How to buy .au, .ae, .my, .sg, .io domains from India

Let us see one by one.

How to buy .au domain from India?

It is the Internet Country code top- level domain. And this cctld belongs to Australia. It is administrated by .au Domain Administration. It is a Not- for- Profit Organization. You should also know that the Internet Country code top-level domain is a closed form of cctld.


How to buy .au .ae .my .sg .io Domains from India


To qualify in purchasing the above domain names, the applicant must:

It should be an Australian registered company or have an Australian partnership or sole trader; or you should be the owner of an Australian Registered Trade Mark, the applicant of an Australian Trademark, or the owner of an international trademark including the Australian territory. Basically in summary in order to register an .au domain you need one of the following:

Australian Business Number (ABN)
Australian Company Number (ACN)
Australian Trademark
WIPO Trademark with Australia Coverage
Company registration number issued by one of Australia’s states or territories
and An Australian address will also need to be provided.

If you do not meet any of these requirements, there are domain registrars that provide Trustee services who can fully assist you with filing for a registered trademark at an additional cost. It will take 3 weeks for you to buy a domain. Here are examples of established registrars that provide the above services for those who wish to purchase .COM.AU or .NET.AU:

The best way you can do is the register your company, get your ACN number and then register your domain.

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How to buy .ae domain from India?

AE is the official TLD for the United Arab Emirates. .AE domains can’t be registered by individuals and entities based out of Israel. You must find a registrar who’s GST compliant. Registration of these domains is automatic. You just pay the registrar and they will register the domain in an instant for you. Yet, visit the below-given link to make your purchases done. It is the link of the United Communication Group. ( It is the most reliable web hosting service provider in the Middle East. UCG is distributed over 27 data centers around the world including the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, France, India, China, Australia, USA and more with cost-effective domains registration.

How to buy .my domain from India?

Malaysian Domain Name Registration Information

.my Registration Time: 2 days

.my Requirements: Restricted

Country: Malaysia

Nationality: Malaysian

Requirement Details: To complete the registration of a .MY domain names the applicant needs to be able either a Malaysian company or Malaysian individual. Proof of the applicant’s Malaysian status will be requested during the registration procedure. You will be asked to enter your Name, ID number (company or individual) and contact details. Documentary proof of the applicants’ status may also be requested. If the applicant can’t meet the restrictions then during the registration procedure they can select to use our agency service and the domain will be registered on their behalf using a third party Malaysian company. Yes, you can check out with third-party Malaysian companies like Skytomato . There are many domains also to help you out.

illu-international-domains-global-reach- image courtesy Godaddy

How to buy .sg domain from India?

This belongs to Singapore.

SGNIC (.SG domains Registry) allows registering .COM.SG, .ORG.SG, .NET.SG, .EDU.SG and .PER.SG domains, though it is possible to register only .SG and .COM.SG domain names

Who can register these domains:

  • .SG domains can be registered by any individual or company/business that has a local presence or an agent in Singapore.
  • .COM.SG domain scan be registered by Singaporean companies/businesses only or entities that have a local presence or an agent in Singapore.

SGNIC does not provide the Registrant with the right to sell, trade, assign or otherwise deal with the domain name registration. Thus, it’s not allowed to sell your .SG and .COM.SG domains in Marketplace due to Registry restrictions. SGNIC requires that all new .SG domain names undergo compulsory verification using SingPass. The verification is to be carried out by the administrative contact of a domain name to verify the identity and contact information of the Registrant. As an exception under specific conditions, Registrants who are unable to arrange for individuals or organizations that possess a SingPass ID to act as an administrative contact can appoint an organization with a valid SGNICID as the administrative contact.

During domain registration one of the following Registrant Types can be selected:

– Individual – for .SG domains
– Organization – for .SG / .COM.SG domains

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If the Registrant is Individual, the following information is to be provided:

– A valid Singapore postal address for the Administrative contact
– The “Organization name” and “Job Title” fields are to be left empty for all sections of contact details

A valid Registrant and Administrative Identification Form – Singaporean ID card number (SingPass ID) in the #0000000@ format. There are several kinds of Sing Pass IDs:

  • NRIC(National Registration Identity Card) or CPFB (Central Provident Fund Board) unique account number – SingPass ID for Singapore citizens & permanent residents
  • FIN(Foreign Identification Number) – SingPass ID for foreigners/employees.

How to buy au ae my sg io Domains from India 2


How to buy .io domain from India?

It is the Internet country code top-level domain .io that belongs to British Indian Ocean Territory. The .io domain is administered by the Internet Computer Bureau. It is the domain name registry company based in the United Kingdom.

Requirements to possess .io domains?

Individuals and organizations are allowed to register .io domains. Applicants for the registration of .io domains do not need to be registered or established in British Indian Ocean Territory. The best thing is an inhabitant can use a third level domain. (

Thus, before purchasing any other country’s domain, you have to know the requirements and restrictions and abide by their rules to escape from cancellation. Many countries allow anyone to have a domain and many don’t. Some provide third-party registrars and some don’t. Know before you do!

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