How to Convert LinkedIn profile as Resume / CV

We have seen to how to develop resume/CV online with the help of  VISUAL CV and here is a simple method to create CV with the help of LinkedIn.  The platform called “RESUME.LINKEDINLABSwill make your resume from LinkedIn profile in a snap.

resume builder from linkedin profile

STEP 1: Sign in with LinkedIn to get started for creating resume/CV.

STEP 2: Go for new resume option on top   and choose template which is to created for your class. The templates such as clean, executive, classic, gray, orange, slice, law, twool.

STEP 3: There are some fields to be filled in your instead which you have not done to your LinkedIn profile for taking out of this skill on your resume go for “outline” and delete the option which is not needed or if else you wanted in your resume add them in LinkedIn too.

creating resume by linkedin profile online

STEP 4: Edit stuffs in your resume as well as in  LinkedIn  profile and make updated.  If you feel your resume is good share it to the public by changing the link to “Public on the web” instead of  “Private”. The link which create a online resume which is similar to visual CV resume as we seen in last post.

Anyone with the link can see your resume, LinkedIn profile and even can do download the resume in pdf format if the contact wanted. This is simple yet effective resume created using LinkedIn. Share the link in social networking site to spread you skills faster and get hired soon. This is will be much effective for all job seekers, add this link in linkedIn to make other to download your resume if they wanted. Hope this will be helpful. Here is one of the sample LinkedIn resume to view.


How to create digital resume apart from LinkedIn Labs, You may also use VISUAL CV to create and market your online/digital CV. This is one for you CV on VISUAL CV.

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