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When you are going for shopping to purchase an item you may see barcode behind the item you buy. If this label is scanned then your item’s price and description will be automatically displayed. Not only in grocery or departmental stores, the barcodes are used in car rental companies, library books ,medicine prescriptions, etc.

 There are two methods in creating the barcode. One is creating barcodes online and another one is creating it in Excel. If you wish to create barcode, you need to follow these steps.


# Method 1:

Create barcodes online

# Visit to the website and get the UPC number for your product or company. You need to give the business and your product details for generating your UPC number. Then you can receive a barcode from them using the online program. Likewise, request the ISBN number at Using Bowker, you will request an ISDN number from an organization by verifying your business.

# To generate a barcode in online go to then type your UPC or ISBN number and click “Generate Barcode” button. Now you can save your barcode image.

# Place that saved image in the cover of your product, so that you can use the barcodes easily. If you are using it for private use then you can print it and glue or tap on your items.

 barcode with product code , manufacturer code know about bar code better

# Method 2 

Create barcode in Excel

       To create barcode in Excel, just follow the steps below

# Go to and choose “Font tools“.

# Find the VBA Macros for Excel, Access and Word option and then click the “Download” button.

# Once the file named “” is fully downloaded, extract the files and save it in your desktop.

# Now open your Microsoft Excel and then go to Tools-> Macros-> Visual Basic Editor.

# Click on File menu and select the “Import File” option.

# Find the “IDautomationvba.bas” macro file and open it in the browser. If you do it , the Microsoft Excel will add it in the “Modules” folder.

# Now you can test your barcode by typing a number into a cell A1 and then type the barcode generating function in the next cell.

# In the cell B2, type as “=Code128(A1)” and then press “Enter”.

# Find the list of ID automation fonts in your font list, then click anyone of them , your barcode will appear in the cell B2.

# Follow these steps for all your required barcodes. You can print the barcode and then tape them onto your product or else simply you can copy and paste the barcode onto the product cover.

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