How to Delete Older Email from Gmail Automatically

Today’s topic for us will be to learn to Delete Older email from Gmail automatically. You need this so much and I know that.  The super loaded inbox will turn you mad. We can delete them one by one. But it is very time consuming. I know the difficulties in finding the most important mail when needed. I know the pressure you feel in these situations. Follow the steps below, to get rid of this.

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Delete Older email from gmail automatically


Gmail is a free. Web based e-mail service. It belongs to Google. The feature that is relevant to our topic is that it gives 15 GB storage. It also possesses an alternative program that arranges relevant messages into a conversational thread.

As you know, the incoming messages are saved in the inbox of your Gmail.

How to Delete Older Email from Gmail Automatically (M:1)

STEP 1: Log in to your Gmail account. Click the gear icon near the top-right corner of the window, then click “Settings” from the drop-down menu that appears.  Click the “Filters” section tab, then click “Create a new filter.”

STEP 2: Type the following in the the “Has the words” text box: older_than:x

For “x” you should type the time frame you prefer for deleting old messages. You can use “d” for days, “w” for weeks, “m” for months and “y” for years. For example, if you wanted to delete messages older than one month, you would type “older_than:1m” without the quotation marks.

STEP 3: Click “Create filter with this search.”Click “Create filter.” All your emails older than the date you specified will be deleted.

Delete Older email from gmail automatically

How to Delete Older Email from Gmail Automatically (M:2)

You can follow the above three steps to Delete Older email from gmail automatically. But for to happen all the time a little more effort has to be taken. You can see the steps to Delete Older email from gmail automatically below.

STEP 1: Click the gear like icon in Gmail ; then click “Settings.” Click the “Filters” tab.

STEP 2: Click the “Edit” option beside the filter you created for deleting old messages. You can easily find the correct filter because it will display the criteria you specified.

STEP 3: Click “Continue” in the section that appears with your search criteria. This screen looks like the section that appeared when you originally set up the filter.

STEP 4: Check the box beside the option “Also apply filter to.” Click “Update filter.” This will again delete all your messages earlier than the time frame you specified.

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When Gmail deletes your messages, they are sent to the “Trash” section, which is listed in the left-hand navigation section. They will remain in Trash for 30 days until they are permanently deleted. You delete all items in the trash if you prefer by click the “Trash” section and then clicking “Empty Trash now.” Hope we solved your problem on how to Delete Older Email from Gmail Automatically.

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