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There are many types of blogging like blogs for new technology, news, videos, music etc,. Now a day’s viewers have little time and patience. When the given blog is long to read, poorly constructed posts without any clear point then it will make the readers to forget about your blog.


All the blog writings are mainly depends on clarity. If you have few sentence which is clear about your information then write as it is, if you have more sentence then write it clearly with a conclusion. The worst blog posts will make the readers to get confused “what the point was”. The best blog posts will make the readers to get engage with the blog and make them to do it.

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 Here are some tips to create your blogs effectively.

  •     First of all to create a blog select a best topic in which you are going to share your information with your readers.
  •     The main purpose of blogging is to provide a valuable information to people.
  •     Stick to the topic and don’t come out of it.
  •     Make sure that you have enough information to full fill your targeted audience’s questions.
  •     After deciding your topic it is better to write it. The more content you add to your blog, you will get more readers to read it.          To become effective bloggers work hard.
  •     Focus on clarity and explaining.
  •     If you want to become a effective blogger then tend towards short posts.
  •     You try to divide your copy into small paragraphs, with bullet points or numbered lists to keep your readers to read the        content with interest.
  •     Tags and categories are the most important thing to make your blog effective.
  •     Categories your topic into many division in order to make the readers to get what they want to know.
  •     Tags are not categories. Tags are the links which help your reader to refer to some other pages or examples.
  •     Your tags should be up to three words long.
  •     You try to use few tags in your blogs.
  •     Don’t have the same name for tags and categories and don’t confuse them.
  •     Try to get connection with the readers like using “You”, “Your”, “Yours”.
  •     In your blog try to give more examples, which will make your reader to understand it better.
  •     Try to update your blog frequently in order to achieve more number of readers.
  •     Think you as a reader and then create your blog.
  •     Briefly describe your information in a simple manner, so anyone must understand your blog.
  •     Resolution is more important. After giving your valuable information decide what you want them to do like “Download an               offer”, “Leave a comment”, “Sign up”. It’s up to you.
  •     Then conclude your blog clearly by giving a solution to them. Make sure whether they got their expected information.

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