computer yoga to make yourselves free from doing this relax yourselves

Normally Yoga makes the person fresh, relax their mind and make them energetic all the time. Some do Yoga in the early morning like Meditation, surya namaskar, breathing exercise etc.., Nowadays people spend most of their time with computers, laptops, iPhones, etc.., their shoulders, head, stomach will pain more after few hours. In order to get relax and to refresh their mind, they might do some computer Yoga. Doing computer yoga is very much useful to almost all business peoples working in IT field. No need to go for classes. Its very simple and there are several steps to follow.


computer yoga for your needs and maintain your helath you doing computer yoga

Step 1

In order to get relieve from the head pain, just sit straight and think the mantra ‘Om Om’ in your mind. Then after sometimes rotate your head in all directions. This is the easiest way to get relax from your head pain.

Step 2

Mostly workers have shoulder pain. To resolve from shoulder pain just move the shoulder in all directions along with the elbow. And close ur eyes and think the mantra ‘Om’.

Step 3

We used to sit before system for long time. Just rotate your spine to left and right direction along with head. During that time, pronounce ‘Om’ in your mind. Now spine gets relief.

Step 4

Just shake the feet in different directions and think the mantra ‘Om’ and ‘Earth’ in your belly, legs, feet, earth, etc..,

Step 5

Use the mantra ‘Heaven’ while massaging your head. Put your fingers together to massage and massage it from top to bottom. Fill yourself enlighten.

 Step 6

Just move your hand and tilt it toward others and bless them like ‘Be happy always’. Blessing others gives us a good feel.

Step 7

Rub your palms for 5 minutes and think about your enlightened masters. Ask few questions to yourself and try to answer them confidently. Your mind get relaxed and you will concentrate in your work.

Step 8

If you get tensed mentally, don’t do anything. Just sit simply. Think positively about yourself. Positive thinking refreshes your mind and increases your concentration power. Thank you wikihow for this idea, for pictures and direction  see Wikihow page

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