How to do Google Reverse Image Search?

How to do Google Reverse Image Search? Google has transformed our lives completely. It has made our day –  to – day life easy. Information has become great with Google. It is a giant with 8 billion web pages. It is such a marvel about Google is that after it reached its peak it started to make it stronger and stronger by acquiring a lot of companies like YouTube, maze, etc. It came up with lot of unique ideas to trap in the market. One among them is as follows.

How to do Google Reverse Image Search?

Google image search is a great way to find any image. It is similar to the one you already have in the Google. You can track the original source of a photo on the internet. If you want to search an image that you saw in any of the thousands of website, all you want is the URL of the image. If you just copy and paste the URL of the image into the Google image search, you can have the image.


how to do Google Reverse Image Search?
Google Reserve Image Search


You have to be clear. It is not the URL of the page but the URL of the image itself. To copy the URL of the image, you have right- click the image and then click the Copy image location. This can copy the image into the clipboard.

Now you have to go to the Google Images page and then click the Search by Image. This Search Image button will be like a camera symbol. On the Paste Image URL tab, just right-click in the field, and then choose the Paste command to paste the URL you copied before. After pasting the URL, click the search by Image button.


how to do Google Reverse Image Search - Camera Icon

how to do Google Reverse Image Search - image search


” This is even simpler if you use chrome. You have to right- click any image on a website, and then choose the Search Google for Image command. If you have an image copy, you can directly upload the image to the Google to do the image search. Go to the Google images page and then click the Search by Image button.”

There is also something called Upload an Image tab. You can upload an image by browsing for it, or by dragging it right onto this tab. Click the “Browse” button to locate an image on your PC.

Find and select the image you want to upload, and then click the “Open” button. Alternatively, you can find the image on your PC, and then just drag it to the Google Images page. After the image uploads, you’ll be redirected to the results page with Google’s “Best Guess for This Image” and a list of websites on which the image appears. Whether you’re looking for the original source for images, or you just want to look at other images similar to the one you’ve found, Google Images makes it easy.


how to do Google Reverse Image Search - Upload Search


You can also get along with the following method if you are using Chrome or Firefox: Visit Images. On your computer, you have to click the image you want to search for. While holding down the mouse, drag the image into the search box.

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This reverse search has a big amount work in the backstage. It is important to know what CBIR is. This application is based on the computer vision techniques. It is just opposite to the conventional Content-based search. CBIR is Content-Based Image Retrieval. It is also known as Query by Image Content abbreviated as QBIC or Content-Based Visual Information Retrieval. (CBVIR)

There is a very interesting story for the Introduction of Google Images. It was introduced in the year 2001. There was once a great demand for the pictures of Jennifer Lopez’s green Versace dress. Google could not handle this large image search.  Thus the image search was launched. In 2011, Google Reverse Image Search functionality was added.


how to do Google Reverse Image Search - Search Image result


Reverse image search is a search engine technology that takes an image file as an input query and returns results related to the image. Search engines that offer reverse image capability include Google and TinEye. Some websites, such as Reddit, also provide a Google  reverse image search capacity. The confusion lies between Image Search and Reverse Image Search. Image Search is simply searching for images using any search engine. Just by providing the keyword you can see the images that you are in need.

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In Google Reverse Image Search, it’s just the backward. You will use an image instead of the keyword. You will have to upload an image to the search engine and find the related images on the web. Here the image is the keyword. For instance, Google Reverse Image Search URL is Go to that page and give the image you want to search for uploading the image from your computer or by proving the URL of the image if you have the image online.

Google Reverse Image Search is a great transverse from the conventional search. This invention has completely modernized search engines. In today’s market, all search engines have images searches as well as Google Reverse Image Search.

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