How to Download WhatsApp Photos via Dropbox

Nowadays many business are deal with whatsapp. Will explain with an example, One of my friends is in news industry he just transfer the news and photos directly to the VP from his mobile as instant, but they are facing a problem that it cannot be loaded in computer are edit only in mobile to view in mobile it is made possible only via whatsapp web or data cable method. While he discussed with me this i gave a solution as to be mentioned below.  Its very easy and pretty cool to handle in your laptop and its been saved also in online (i.e in Dropbox) yes, now is the solution to learn syncing Dropbox and whatsapp to bring all your photos and videos to Dropbox.

whatsapp dropbox

To proceed this we need “Carousel – Dropbox Photos” is available for all operating system can download here ( Carousel for android users , Carousel for IOS users ). It made you to upload all your photos and videos in your device right from camera roll to whastapp. All the photos will be uploaded to Dropbox in case of not a privacy issue can use same Dropbox account in your mobile and to the delivery computer. If you felt you need privacy go to pictures in Dropbox choose the picture you want to send generate link in image settings just paste the link in whatsapp. So, the whole file will shared to whom ever you want to be it will be a better solution for all image sharing whatsapp users.

Carousel is develop by Dropbox to upload all your pics to your Dropbox server, if you have one among them in your mobile. drop box and whatsapp snyc methods

This is my list in Dropbox which photos are been synced from my mobile whatsapp photos and videos. Even my phone memory is been erased i can get them when ever i want from Dropbox. Its very cool to have all your important stuff and business transaction file which is been sent via whatsapp can be saved  in Dropbox in a fraction of second in online. Can get even mobile is been crashed.  For desktop view go to this link ( to access all your photos in a time line mode. This method is also very good for all media backup from your mobile.


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