How to Earn Tron in Windows Desktop/ Laptop

How to earn Tron in windows. Countries and people around the world wish to be independent. They do not want to depend on anybody for anything. This makes humans strive for a freedom in everything they come across.

When it comes to data we depend on YouTube, Amazon and many more as servers to store them. We have to pay for it. What if you have your own space with the help of each participant to store your data? Will, you not support the same if it is safe too? I would not think another time. To make it even clear, read the following. It will tell the importance to earn Tron.

earn tron


If you are a creator and want to make money from your website, videos, music, blogs, etc; you must go through these giant companies, which serve as “middlemen”. They provide the platform for your content, but also take a percentage of the profit your content generates through clicks, likes, views, streams, listens. They have full control over how much they want to pay you for the content you created. In addition, not only do these companies control how much you earn for your content, they also have the ability to censor and control what you create for your content.

Tron comes as the rescue mission. It is a Cryptocurrency. TRX is the currency for Tron. We will know how to mine Tron in Windows/ Laptop.

Tron is a blockchain and decentralized platform. This will give us a free and unlimited entertainment system around the world. The system allows the participants to upload, store and own their data in a free decentralized manner. For example, Peiwo App is the first Tron compatible app with more than 10 million users. Tron is different from other Cryptocurrencies. You cannot mine them as they already exist. Rather you have to earn Tron by supplying your network through additional storage space. Tron currency came into existence just a year ago. But there is a mind-blowing welcome for it all over the world.

Tron was founded by Justin Sun. Cryptocurrency was successful but it was only among the already successful internet giants. The Internet giants have autonomous control.

More than earning it cuts the users cost as there are no intermediaries. It encourages interaction between users and creators. As block chain is being used, there is a great amount of transparency among all to see things. It breaks brands and looks for quality beyond the Brand name. So reward directly comes to the users and creators. I guess we are going back to ages where there was just quality and not brands.

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TRX is the currency for Tron, and it is mined by content creators through content creation. The quality of the content one creates determines his or her rewards. Exchange Platforms That Support the TRX Tokens. Several exchanges support Tron.

So how to earn Tron?, you have to decide a wallet. It is also important to decide which wallet you should use to store your purchased Tron coins. Never leave your coins on exchanges (hot wallets) because you can lose all your money if the exchange shuts down, gets hacked or simply decides to block your account for some reason. You will need to get a semi-cold or cold wallet to make sure there your money is safe. MyEtherWallet is the favorite wallet of all.

Steps to Earn Tron:

How to earn Tron


STEP 1: You should first get an account with Coinbase and buy some Ethereum.

earn Tron

STEP 2: To earn Tron, click on Buy or Sell.

earn Tron

STEP 3: Next, click on Ethereum.

earn Tron

STEP 4: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter the amount of Ethereum you want to buy. As my account is in Euros, I have entered 125 EUR. The ETH box will then update depending on the amount you enter. Finally, click on Buy Ethereum Instantly to complete your purchase.

STEP 5: To buy Tron for Ethereum Exchange, Click on Accounts at the top of the exchange. Then you need to scroll down, select Ethereum and click on Send.

STEP 6: You will then be asked to enter the wallet address you want to send your Ethereum to. This will be your Binance address. If you don’t have a Binance account yet, click here to view our complete guide. Return to step 4 once you are set up! This is the most crucial step to earn Tron.

STEP 7: To get your Ethereum wallet address on Binance, move your mouse on Funds and then click on Deposits. Now click on the drop-down box, enter ETH and then click on Ethereum.

STEP 8: Now you will see your unique Ethereum wallet address for Binance. Click on Copy Address and then go back to Coinbase. In Coinbase, paste the Binance wallet address and click on Your Ethereum coins should reach Binance within 10 minutes!

The Earth is struggling to get back to its good old days throwing Business away and bringing in Good labor and Quality Products. Let us go to the Utopian Era to see all good.

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