Flickr lets you embed post across the web:

techmaza team photos in flickr

Flickr is an Image Hosting and Video Hosting website that is acquired by yahoo on 2005. Flickr provides two types of storage i.e., private and public image storage. Yahoo’ s  Flickr is upgraded with web embedding feature. All users embedded post our photos with the links back to their own Flickr accounts. An earliest version Flickr doesn’t  have any embedding images across the web. Yahoo provide the service Flickr is getting with times. You may need to enabling the beta version of Flickr  post photo across the web. Clicking the links on the embed only worked part of time.


Flickr’ s presence across the web , Yahoo owned a new photo sharing site with launched embeds. You can embed your public or full of photos on your own websites. You can share your photos  in the two way. It can be either public or privately. Publicly shared photos  flickr’ s doesn’t allow us to embed with our private photos. So it doesn’t affect anyone. It doesn’t depend on one singe photo. Flickr’ s embed box allow let receivers(readers)  through all photos.  The photos must have high quality. Slow moving photo sharing service is announced a list of new sharing update. It consists of several ways to embed your own photos.

embed flickr images to your website

Sharing FLICKR depend on two materials.

# Share one from photo page:  There is a several new sharing options available on each and every photo pages. Whenever you logged off your account, the button that shows only the Facebook and twitter options.

# Share any nonpublic content on FB: You doesn’t like a smart and great idea but you can share a public and private  photos on FB If you believe privacy settings. The share button on a photo page . Click the < / > symbol.

If you want to share or embedded a photo from a set(Group of photo), They can be able to surf through the whole collection of the photos. Because Yahoo’ s Flickr is mainly dedicated to high quality  and full resolution images. Also it supports the full screen viewing experience for the collection of photos for your website. They will never compress or re sizing of your image. If you did all embed Flickr photos on your site then you have to click the “Share” them. Select the size and after that you just copy and paste the embed the code What you have done. Here the image embedded from Flickr site. Our page in Flickr , Photos in Flickr source internet pics

UPDATE: Yahoo’ s flickr was long overdue, as all included in the social web by including the instagram, vine, facebook and so on has introduced a embedding concepts. The first response is to the feature that seems to be mixed. The perpetual flickr logo in the corner is buzzkill.

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