How to find similar websites ??

We find similar sites on Google by doing this method “alternative sites for” , to find result the list of website will be displayed in showing result “alternative sites for YouTube” , the result may different based on your search , the most of  the result will not satisfy your keyword it shows top 10 video search engines, top 10 video sites and keywords based on YouTube.

It is not for only top trended sites , it also happens for trending sites some of the alternative site result will not satisfy our needs ,  the commonly searched  keyword on Google categories on alternatives ” Alternative for Google Adsense“.

On Google search  result may be accurate for top trended sites but for trending sites  the result will be unknown to satisfy this needs “similarsitesearch” will help you in searching best alternatives for your sites. With showing more accurate results or each website to be searched.


If the website is indexing for first time it takes few minutes to show the result by displaying message with verifying human captcha message : “your website name has been queued. If the site is valid, we will automatically extract topics from the page and index them”.

Search can also done in basis of  keyword and URL’s [ ] search result will be technology related sites based on YouTube keyword.  The specified language can be defined to filter the topic languages like French, Portugal, Spanish, English, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch as well as countries can also be defined in filters United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India. The only result for the country and language can be listed if  it is chosen , if not default listing of results is done.

Rating for the sites can be given in form of stars, the site popularity is displayed in form of progress bars , language and location is displayed in form of progress bars showing the popularity on those areas. The website preview is displayed to conform the site address without any misspelling of names.

# Use this Link to find alternatives for your website:

Use Tips & Tricks for better search in SIMILAR SEARCH TOOL >> TIPS AND TRICKS.

Here is a snapshot for in similar site search displaying top technology websites related to in range of popularity and language location with star rating you can even share your results in social media’s to get more popularity to your site.

# Use this API code to find similarity for your website in a simple way.  

Do not use http or https and www. in finding your similar pages on use this as example “” to find similar page in API , contact admin to get original code for API to be used in your website.