how to Fix no connected camera error on MAC

Fix no connected camera error on MAC

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We mostly use our Mac’s isight camera for chatting and other purposes. The application used by the user sometime shows ‘no connected camera’ error. Mostly no one run into that error. Suppose if we run into that error the OS X fix the background. Some causes and fixes are available to overcome this problem. VDCAssistant background process prevents camera connectivity.

OS X has one cause and fix daily to solve this connectivity problem. The OS X launches a VDCAssistant background process. The control and connection of the camera will be managed by this, when we run a program. If the camera is not used by the program, the process will quit. It is due to the occurrence of errors. Either the same program or the other programs can be used to solve the errors.

The following steps are needed to quit the VDCAssistant process. It makes other related programs to work normally and maintain connections to the webcam.

  1. Stop the program which currently uses the camera.
  2. Open other terminal and run ‘sudo killall VDCAssistantcommand. To run this we should give password and it should be remembered. To perform this, Open Activity monitor- Select All Processes- search force quit the VDCAssistant process.
  3. Again use the camera, after relaunch your program.

Not only VDCAssistant process is the cause for connectivity problems. Many other configurations are responsible for connectivity problems. Suppose if we use a MacBook attached with external monitor, there we keep our lid closed in ‘clamshell’ mode. So the external monitor is used for display. By doing this, the camera stops its working but the speakers and microphones never stop their work. In this case, only audio chats are possible and not the video options.


Using third-party USB drivers’ causes USB connectivity issues.Sometimes poor coding causes temporary issues, it can be fixed by restarting our MAC.


Instead of restarting simply, try to unplug all except the necessary USB devices, then restart and check whether the problem continues or not. Troubleshooting is used to find out the device which causes the problem. Try to unplug that device and apply firmware updates or contact the manufacturer to find the solution. Those problems are occurred due to Daisy-Chained solutions.

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