How to get IGTV for desktop?

Download IGTV for desktop

IGTV for Desktop?, The world of videos and photos is now within an application. It is waiting for us to be all available anytime. It is none other than Instagram.  It can be called as a newly formed society with friends and family and strangers. If there is any application that formed a great community is the one and only Instagram application. It is a forest to hunt for similar ideas and new ideas to have lots of followers.

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IGTV is a standalone app that allows the users to watch a video that lasts up to a maximum of one hour. You do not have the landscape option. The videos are vertical. It gives you a complete mobile experience. It is available for both the Android and iOS. The most important information is that it belongs to Instagram. So it is called Instagram IGTV.  You can find this IGTV icon to be like a little TV.

Android users must their Google Play Store and the iOS users have to go to the App store and download the app.

So once you download the application from the respective store, sign in if you already have your Instagram account signed in. You can see the videos that have already started playing in the mobile of the people you follow. This app has different tabs that are named as For You, Following, Popular, Continue Watching, etc. One setback that was experienced in the Instagram was that only a low duration video can be watched, but using IGTV you can watch videos up to one hour completely.  And this app is free of cost. This app is available within your already existing app as well as a separate app.

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This new app will be in competition with the Youtube, which is Google owned. Every time when an app is invented and established for mobile, the next question would be will it be available on the Desktop. The same way, what is about IGTV for Desktop? It is available in Desktop. Let us see how to download and how It works just like Instagram. So far, it has been possible to upload a video that can last only for one minute.

Using IGTV you can upload one-hour videos. The IGTV icon appears when you log in to your profile on Instagram. You can find this icon just before underlining the story in your profile. There are two options available to you. You can use IGTV in the Instagram application or in the separate IGTV application. The decision is yours. The quality of the video and audio is very amazing. It can also easily work in the Computers. You can install Instagram IGTV for Desktop – Windows PC and MacIGTV for PC works without problems on desktop PCs and laptops.


You will in need of emulators to experience  for your desktop. Download IGTV Instagram for Windows PC and Mac

Step 1: Download and install your favorite emulator for Windows or Mac.

Step 2: Open the emulator you just installed on your computer.

Step 3: Open My Apps> System Apps> Google Play Store.

Step 4: Find the Play Store and open it.

Step 5: Now in the Play Store, type “IGTV”. Allow the Play Store to find and show you the IGTV.

Step 6: Install it

Step 7: Now open “My apps” or All apps and find IGTV.

Step 8: Start IGTV, log in using your credentials and create your channel.

Step 9: Now you can upload videos.

A widely told complaint is also heard. In many of the mobiles, that cute little Tv icon is not visible. It is being rolled out and you’ll get it very soon. You have to update your app to the Instagram version 50.0. You may have to restart it. Once doing it, you’ll find an orange button in the top right corner. You can create your own channel. Just tap on the profile photo and select create my channel. Give your channel a name and you have done it.

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When finding a video you’d like to watch, just tap on the screen to remove the tiles and make your video full screen. Creators have the option to post links and more info along with their videos. To see that, tap on the video title at the top of the screen.

You can also like and comment on people’s videos in IGTV. Just tap the heart or comment button at the bottom of the video.

Instagram also added pre-set emoji reactions. You can just tap on an emoji and it will post it to the person’s video. IGTV has a lot of the same sharing capabilities as Instagram. You can get a direct link to a video, or send it in a direct message on Instagram. If you pause in the middle of a video, IGTV will remember where you left off. You can find the video again under the “Continue Watching” tab. If you’re ready to start your own channel, just click on your profile picture wherever you see it appear. That will take you to your own landing page. If you click the “+” button, you’ll be able to start uploading videos.

But in Instagram’s own IGTV videos, text and images are overlaid on the video, and it looks pretty similar to Instagram Stories. 


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