How to get started with keek app to your iOS , Android, Blackberry and Windows .


keek is the one of the free online social networking service. It will allow the users to upload their video status updates. These uploads are called keeks. Normally we are using instagram or vine App to share our video updates. But here is the app called keek, which have some advantages compared to those Apps. Here users can share their video updates through webcam, iphone, android, and blackberry or windows phone. It is a great way to meet new friends.

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keek has the simple interface for recording videos. It can be up to 36 seconds long, but instagram has only 15 seconds long. If you want to record your video just press the green button. And if you want to stop it means again press the same green button. And Verification is needed to authenticate the identity of users.


Keek can provide the some basic video tools, including the Smartphone’s flashlight to film in dark areas, and front camera option.  You can upload your video from your camera library, and also you can save those keeks without posting. After post your keeks other users can send reply with text or video comments, which are called “keekbacks. User can share their contents to other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. And they can embed their keeks into a website or a blog using an embed option. At a time you can chat using video or text with up to 36 members.

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If you want to find users to follow on keek, you can find via your smartphone’s and email contacts or facebook and twitter accounts. It helps you to find the recent or latest uploads because keek is organising by latest uploads. Keek has some hashtags, which are called “clusters”. And also have the most trending words, which can be displayed at the bottom of the mobile homepage.

The keek app is the free app for android, iphone, blackberry and windows phone, so that you can upload your keeks through any of these devices. And also you can use the webcam to upload your videos. FLICKR pics on KEEK

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