How to Free- up Your Mobile Space Using Google Photos

I’ll tell you how to Free up your Mobile space – by Google Photos. Google is the leading Internet search engine. It has more than 8 billion web pages. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both Stanford dropouts, created the Google search technology from a school project. The site offers search results in more than 35 languages and attracts an audience of more than 380 million people worldwide.

When Google entered the online search market, Yahoo was the market leader. In a short time span, Google has become the best search engine by cutting into the market share of Yahoo and other players.

Google is operating in an oligopoly industry with few competitors like Yahoo and MSN. Thus, with low differentiation within the search engine’s result, it can become difficult for Google to retain its users. Yahoo and MSN are also launching their own search engines and targeted advertising systems; Google is locked in a race to develop new search tools to attract users and to expand its advertising networks.

Free up your Mobile space - by Google Photos

There are a number of search engines that are available on the internet. Still, each of them has different characteristics. There are many reasons for the Google to be popular. Other companies that currently have search engines should take note of the success of Google as a search engine and improve upon the basic Google concept of how they search and how they present their web page. Continue reading the article to know how to Free up your Mobile space – by Google Photos.

Google Photos!

The photo- sharing and storage activities are together performed by Google. It was launched in the year 2015. It gives free and unlimited storage. You can save videos up to 1080 resolution and photos up to 16 megapixels. You can also Free up your Mobile space – by Google Photos.

When you save any photo or video to the Google photo it automatically analyses the features of whatever you have saved and organizes it automatically. Things are organized under three major categories. They are People, Places, and Things.

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Very intelligently, Google photos can recognize faces and group them. It can also recognize Landmarks and ideas also like Feast, Birthday Parties and Marriage events.

Google photos have two storage settings. They are high quality and Original Quality. All the services offered by the Google Photos are now available on all devices. You can use it on Android as well as iOS operating systems. You can also use the cloud storage facility to store all the images and videos from any device you use.

This feature was commonly embedded with Google Plus. Now this serves as the successor of Google Plus and a standalone application. In just a time period of five months, it had 100 million users. As per the 2017 census, there are 500 million users.

How to Free up your Mobile space – by Google Photos?

STEP 1: Download and Install the Google photos app. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app. App is available for both Android and iOS and once you install sign in with your Google account.

STEP 2: Tap Menu (A three horizontal line icon followed by an arrow) Free up space. To delete all the items from your phone, tap Free up. Before doing this make you photos are available in google photos and most recommended option use Wifi for your upload.

STEP 3: To see your photos and videos, go to or open the Google Photos app. Your photos will be in Google cloud so you can access anywhere anytime with regardless of Devices and Operating systems.

How to get unlimited space on your mobile space using Google Photos?

This trick is very efficient, no matter what is your mobile memory space, mostly mobile space is occupied by photos and videos – If we have a alternative and unlimited space to store all your photos and videos, then it will be never ending space in your mobile. Eager to know about this? follow this steps below to get unlimited space on your mobile.

Step 1:  You could have installed Google Photo’s app for Android and iOS Make a small change in your Google photo’s settings and you will have wings to upload Unlimited photos and videos.

Step 2: Tap Menu (A three horizontal line icon followed by an arrow) and choose settings then backup and Sync then Upload size and choose High Quality – free unlimited storage (Three Lines >> Settings >> Backup & Sync >> Upload Size >> High Quality – Free unlimited Storage).

Step 3: Now you can sync unlimited video shoots and photos to the google cloud (Google photos) if you on Wifi the most recommended. The same thought has been used to market Google pixel as it has unlimited photo’s and video upload.

This trick will make you to save tons of money in different memory capacity. i.e Lets say you are planning to you buy latest Smart phone iPhone XS. There are 3 variants in capacity available 64GB, 256GB and 512 GB the price of each is 99,900 ₹, 1,14,900 ₹ and 1,34,900 ₹ (pricing as on if you see difference price between 64GB and 512GB model is 35000 ₹ for the same  features. If you have installed Google Photo’s app and configured High Quality – Free unlimited Storage inside settings you could save above mentioned cap.

To Sum up!

There will be a time where you wish to free up spaces. Some picture and videos would no longer be important. You should know how to free- up space. Still, memories are precious. You can also have them and space. When your Device Storage is full, you can use the Google Photos to delete the back- up photos. You can make space for apps and music.  You can still find them in the Google photos library. Hope we have given solution for how to free up your mobile space – by Google Photos and How to get unlimited space on your mobile space using Google Photos and now you all need is plethora of internet.


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