How to Get Weather Alert from a Phone Call Using IFTTT

How to Get Weather Alert from a Phone Call Using IFTTT

IFTTT is a web service the world that works for you. It creates chains by using conditional statements. These conditional statements can be developed using programs. These help us with doing certain actions. Thus, IFTTT (If this then that) helps us to perform certain actions by creating applets. An Applet is a small Internet-based program written in Java, a programming language for the Web, which can be downloaded by any computer. The applet is also able to run in HTML. The applet is usually embedded in an HTML page on a Web site and can be executed from within a browser. Will see this in this post on how to create  a Weather Alert from a Phone Call – It just wakes you up early morning with a phone call includes IVR voice to describe the Weather condition today (rain, moist, wind, polen etc..)

Weather Alert from a Phone Call using IFTTT


This creates a communication between the apps on the phone and performs a certain programmed action. IFTTT makes you very efficient with your work, with your home and together in everything. It makes your task simple and smoothens all. You’ll be very clear if you read below – Ever been in a situation where you did not know about the weather and got damped completely? Wishing for someone who can save you in these circumstances? You have applets for your help.

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Steps to Create a Weather Alert from a Phone Call 

Has the IFTTT app downloaded in your phone? Or you can even just type IFTTT weather report through a call. You’ll see an image as you see on Pinterest. Click on to “get started”. It would ask you to log in / sign up through your Google account or Facebook account. Login in whichever you are comfortable with. You’ll find many reminders. For instance, get the weather forecast every day at 7 a.m. or add songs from videos you like.  Click on to “Turn on”. At the said time you’ll get a wake- up call every day at the given time.  Thus, it is basically your remainder, you helping master, your work enhancer. There are many things that you can do with your IFTTT.


Weather Alert from a Phone Call using IFTTT - early morning alarm
How to get a weather report as a phone call – early morning alarm

There may be the situation where you need a more customized applet in your day- to- day life. You can even create an applet that only you can use. I’ll let you know how. An account in IFTTT becomes necessary and serves as the first step to create an applet. Go to IFTTT and sign- up. You can create an account using Google or Facebook. Click on to “My applets” and the “New applet” and then “this”.

Now you ought to select the kind of service. Say if you need a weather report, through which you need is the service. If you select on “Viber”, you would get a call daily to convey the weather report. Next is to tell, whether you need the weather report via call, message, etc. Now you have to select the “Add ingredient” and on to “Create Action” button. Finally, you will be asked to review your Applet. You can optionally enable notifications when the Applet runs. Then, click Finish.


How to get a weather report as a phone call - early morning as a alarm call


IFTTT offers a program called Maker:

If you get good at creating Applets and even enjoy it, IFTTT offers a program called Maker. This free tier gives you access to templates and additional tools for creating more sophisticated Applets that you can publish for other users.

Let us see the top applets created so far!

You get IFTTT to send an SMS each morning telling you what the weather conditions are going to be for the day.

Wake Up Call

Starred Emails in Gmail to Evernote

NASA’s Image of the Day

Get a Reminder SMS Before Events in Google Calendar

Email for a Call to Find a Lost Phone

Timed Daily Tweet

Daily Wikipedia Article Sent to Feedly


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Role of IFTTT in Business:


If a user retweets, you should reply to thank them. Doing this for a larger number is very difficult. Make use of IFTTT. Acknowledging is very simple.

Follow a user:

If you are working to grow your Twitter readers you might want to follow back each user that follows you. Make this easier by creating an applet which automatically adds new users to a list. This means that you can view all of your new followers together, and can then follow those that you want to without having to look through your full followers’ list.

Sending items to Google reader:

If you have set up a Google reader for a client, you might notice that not every post is useful to them. To avoid your client having to trawl through lots of useless articles you could instead set up a recipe to forward items to their inbox as you star them in Google reader.

Schedule posts or tweets:

As an alternative to HootSuite and other Twitter managers, the ‘Date & Time’ channel on IFTTT can be used to plan posts for your social media accounts.

Receive updates when a specific person tweets:

IFTTT can be used to notify you each time a specific user of posts a tweet. Notifications can be sent to your phone, email, Evernote or Google calendar. So, if you’re following a key industry influencer, IFTTT gives you the power to react quickly to their tweets.

BBC news in pictures:

How cool to have BBC news in pictured in your inbox every day!

There are so many other useful ways of using IFTTT for both your business and personal social media accounts. The best way to explore the platform is to create an account and try out different ways of mixing and matching each channel. And a lot of useful ideas can be found in the browsing section, displaying all the great combinations put together by other users. Thus, IFTTT serves as a magic of different combinations to create Weather Alert from a Phone Call.


Weather Alert from a Phone Call

How to get a Weather Alert from a Phone Call


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