The world is connected  easy and moving with mobile phones. There are various of mobiles available in the market right from Virtu mobile  to basic handsets. Right from new mobile is purchased the accessories( i.e.. memory card, mobile cover, scratch card, case, pouch, Bluetooth, headset, cell phone holder, vacuum sticker etc..) for your mobile is been changing a month while. Here is a trick you can  select your own case style for your mobile phone by printing your favorite name or face in your case. It is done possible through PRINTVENUE.COM.  Click here to go Printvenue mobile case category choose your mobile phone to get list of cases stickers with designs.

mobile skins for cheaper rate | build your own mobile case with your face

Choose your mobile phone with list of phone brands are available (Apple, Nokia, Sony, Motorola, Samsung, Nexus, HTC, Micromax) choose your mobile brand and go for it. After choosing your Mobile brand choose models from the list of mobile models for that particular brand. Find your mobile and choose for designs you want in it with more patterns appeared.

Choose the pattern for your mobile and upload the pics for the particular pattern as mentioned in  patterns. Here are some patterns available for NEXUS mobile. Choose the particular pattern and upload pics and customize  instead of the pattern pics.

mobile customization case with your face or phrase. (sticker type) this is the design for nexus mobile    ( Choose the deign and upload your picture instead of pattern picture )

Here  I edit the pattern pics to according to my design by uploading my pics and text to the design for NEXUS 5 mobile case sticker.

customized mobile case with my name | customized mobile case with profile picture on myne customized mobile case with my name | customized mobile case with profile picture on myne

Get edit for your customized pattern your mobile and have a great different experience in your mobile case. Be customize able your own case with your favorite phrase or pic  to your phone. Build your phone with different pattern and pics and impress your friends with different styles in it. After customizing add to cart and pay at COD(Cash on Delivery) at 2-3 working days, This is the great way to furnish your mobile with good case with your personalize picture or phrase in it.   This method is like printing in Cups, T shirts etc.. This is in the form of stickers can be sticked to your mobile case and removal is made easy. I’m Happy to personalize my skin in just 299 rupees this is affordable for mobile geeks.

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