How To Grow Your YouTube Channel With vidIQ ?

The youtube publishers not getting much views for  your videos , here you have got a tool to increase your video Marketing potential and lots of visitors for your videos. With this tool you can have a stable track to post your videos and get much viewers and get a gradual growth in video publishing than before. The tool name is vidIQ . vidIQ is like an you tube SEO which gives more views to your video in very less time. The major benefits of vidIQ are,

i) Maximize your organic reach

ii) Build brand awareness and improve recall

iii) Gain Unparalleled Insights

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The vidIQ tool not only ranks your video it ranks all the videos you view in youtube. It has got lots of performance indicators like vidIQ Score, Average Watch Time,  Facebook Likes/Shares/Comments, Tweets, Words Per Minute, Tags, Description Link Count, Description Word Count. Getting connected to vidIQ is very easy, once you connect it with your youtube account it will import all the videos to the dashboard.

It is easy to sort the popular videos from the dashboard and you can have an overview about the videos in the youtube channel.

To use the vidIQ tool you should have the chrome browser. You can get the tool from the chrome web store.

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When you watch a video you can see the number of views, tags, shares, comments, facebook likes, tweets, description link count and also the most important the youtube tags for the video.

You can get more views to your video mainly by tagging it to the popular videos, vidIQ does that very effectively by presenting the tags suggestion list for you videos.

The easiest way to find tags for your videos is once you install the plugin from chrome, download the most similar video to the one you are going to upload with high subscriptions or views. It will show you the tag list used by the video and its traffic outsource. The description campaign feature of this tool is very amazing. With this tool you can also compare your growth with your competitors.

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Very excited after hearing about this tool, you can now create a vidIQ account  and import your channel for free to optimize your uploaded videos. Chrome users can install vidIQ Vision for free by visiting

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel With vidIQ

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